SJTU 24-festive drum team

    24-festive Drums is a type of drum performance, it is an artistic combination of the 24 solar terms in China and drum performance from Southern GuangDong. It is one of the symbolic cultural heritage of Southeast Asian Chinese. 

    On the 25th of October 2016, the first 24-festive drum team in Shanghai was founded by Malaysian students in SJTU. The objective of the drum team is to promote 24-festive drums, which is a beautiful cultural integration of both traditional Chinese culture and Malaysian local culture, making this drum art widely known by the people in China.

    Within a year, the 24-festive drum team had successfully transformed into a top society in SJTU and outstanding international student society at the same time. They had performed in many events in SJTU in the past year, including the New Year Countdown Event, Orientation Night, SJTU Anniversary Carnival and many more.

    2017,the team had been invited to Fudan University to perform during their cultural day. Besides, the team was also invited to perform at Fujian Hua Qiao university as well as The Eight China Satellite Navigation Conference.

    They hope that in the future, more and more enthusiastic students will join their team to create more cultural exchange. Together, we will contribute to the cultural development in SJTU!


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