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Notice on insurance purchase for international students

Dear international students:

According to relevant regulations by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China and Management Regulations for International Student of SJTU, international students studying in Chinese mainland are required to purchase “Comprehensive Medical Insurance & Protection Scheme for Foreigners Staying in Chin” in Chinese mainland. Please pay attention that students without this insurance or other valid insurances will not be allowed to register for the new semester after arriving in China. 


Insurance introduction

1. Insurance name: Comprehensive Medical Insurance & Protection Scheme for Foreigners Staying in China

2. Insurance premium: RMB 800 per year, RMB 400 per half year.

3. For more information on specific termsinsurance responsibilities, settlement of claims, etc., please visit to check out and download relevant documents.

4. Recommended website for purchasing the insurance:


Purchase instructions

1. International students in Chinese mainland should purchase the insurance by themselves every year (800 yuan/year). The insurance needs to cover the entire semester at the time of registration. In addition, for scholarship students whose scholarship is within the validity period, after the insurance is successfully purchased, the insurance premium will be transferred to their bank accounts along with the scholarship.

2. Overseas international students should purchase the insurance one day before entry to ensure that the insurance has taken effect upon entry.


How to purchase

1. Please visit to purchase the insurance online. The purchase process is attached below.

2. You are required to download and print all the supporting documents to submit on the registration day.

3. Students without this insurance or other valid insurance certificate will not be allowed to register for the new semester after arriving in China. Please purchase the insurance in time.


Special Remind

1. This insurance does not cover claims for medical expenses outside Chinese mainland.

2. If there is a gap between the two insurance periods, any illness or accident that occurs during all the previous policy term or in the gap of a policy term will not be covered even the illness will take as anamnesis. Please pay the fee in time to ensure the continuous validity of the insurance.

3. As the insurance data is synchronized to the university database at 24:00 every day, you need to complete the insurance purchase one day before the registration date.


How to Contact

1. For further information on the insurance, please visit In case of any health problems and emergencies, please dial 4008105119 (24-hour, bilingual) as soon as possible.

2. For insurance premium transferred to scholarship students, please contact International Student Development Center by or 86-21-34203849.

3. If you have any other problems, please contact International Student Service Center by, or 86-21-34203848.


Insurance Claim

You can visit to check out and download relevant documents.


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