Introduction of Dormitory Buildings

The Introduction of On-campus Accommodation for International Student of SJTU


. The Dormitory Buildings for International Student

There are 8 dormitory buildings for international student on Minhang and Xuhui Campus and the names of the buildings are listed as follows: 


The equipments and facilities in dormitory vary from room types, buildings and campus, however, air-conditioner, telephone, cable television, self-laundry and internet access service are provided in all dorm rooms and buildings. Moreover, the basic furniture such like bed, desk, chair, wardrobe and bed textiles such like bed linen, pillow, quilt and mattress are also offered for free use. Lianxing Building, Asian Youth Center (Tao Li Yuan) on Xuhui Campus and No. 8, 9, 10 Dorm Building are equipped with individual bathrooms. No.9 Dorm Building on Xuhui Campus and No.12, 51 Dorm Building on Minhang Campus are equipped with shared bathrooms. Moreover, 24-hour hot water is provided in all bathrooms in dorm building.


. Accommodation Fee Rate for International Student (Unit: RMB Yuan/Person)


. The rules of Reservation for International Student Accommodation


1. All international students officially enrolled by SJTU are required to login online reservation system to make a reservation (except for some certain programs with agreements in advance) (the website of the system is Generally, the student without a successful online reservation is not to be arranged for on-campus accommodation.

2. A successful online reservation will expire two weeks after the registration date. Also, the online reservation of the student who doesn’t register on time without application in advance for late arrival will be cancelled automatically.

3. After confirming the reservation, student should pay the full amount of fee by online payment within the certain time period or the reservation will be cancelled automatically.

4. The notice on the date, payment and details of online reservation will be delivered with the admission notice and the enrolled students are required to make online reservation after reading the notice carefully.


. The Frequently-Asked Questions about Accommodation

1. Can I move into the dorm room earlier than the registration day if with a successful reservation?


All new students are allowed to check in maximum 3 days prior to the registration date printed on the admission letter according to the relevant regulations of our university. For example, you are allowed to move into the dorm room after Sept. 10th if your registration date on the admission letter is Sept. 13th. Before moving into the dorm on campus, you could stay in hotel near campus for your early arrival.


All students living on Campus are required to check in and register within 24 hours after arrival with valid credentials whether the student move into dorm room earlier or on the registration date. The information about check-in and registration is listed as follows: 




From the year of 2015, most of international students with a successful online reservation will be informed the dorm room number before arrival. If you arrive at the non-office time, you are allowed to get the room key from the manager of your dorm building and move into the room in advance and check in on the next working day.


2. What should I do if I fail to make an online reservation?


The student without a successful online reservation is not to be arranged for on-campus accommodation by the policy of the university. Therefore, you should prepare for the off-campus accommodation before your arrival. The information for the student without a successful online reservation about off-campus accommodation is listed as follows:

3. Am I required to register if I live off campus?

All foreigners are required to register his or her address of accommodation in the local police station after arrival within 24 hours by Chinese law. Meanwhile, the student living off campus should register his or her address and local contact in the International Student Service Center of SJTU as soon as possible. The information about off-campus accommodation registration is listed as follows:



4. How do I commute between Xuhui and Minhang Campus?

The inter-campus shuttle bus service is provided for all students and teachers. Getting on and off the bus at the stop on campus, you usually spend about 40 minutes from one campus to another. Of course, you could also choose public transportation such like metro line 5 and line 1 or bus.


5. How can I contact you?

International Student Service Center of SJTU is in charge of the reservation, arrangement and daily management of accommodation for international students. If you have any questions about accommodation, you are welcome to contact us by phone or E-mail:


Minhang Campus: +86-21-34203955, 34202734,

Xuhui Campus: +86-21-62933305, 62933296,




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