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Apply (General)

Who may I contact with?


1. Language Programs  email:  Tel: +86-21-62932277


2. Undergraduate Programs  email: Tel: +86-21-54743244


3. Graduate Programs  email: Tel: +86-21-34208238


4. Exchange & Short Term Programs  email: (Exchange Program)Tel:+86-21-34203803 (Short Term Program) Tel: +86-21-34205135


5. Pre-undergraduate Programs  email: Tel: +86-21-54743244


6. Visa  email:  Tel: +86-21-34206748


7. Accommodation

For accommodation affairs please contact with International Student Service Center

Minhang Campus:

Tel: 86-21-34203955 Email:

Address:  Room 204, New Administration BLD B, 800 Dong Chuan Road, 200240 Shanghai

Xuhui Campus:

Tel: 86-21-62933305 Email:

Address: Room 1007, Tao Li Yuan, 1954 Hua Shan Road, 200030 Shanghai


8. Colleges  Information

School Contact Information of SJTU.pdf


9Registration related questions (tuition fee, required documents)

Please contact with Degree Affairs Office of International Student Center

Undergraduate:Tel +86-21-54743244  Email Address:

Graduate: Tel +86-21-34208238 Email Address 


10. Applying Scholarship


General FAQ


1. What is the deadline?

Application period (Graduate):

Oct 1, 2019  2020 application opens

Dec 15, 2019  Deadline for 1st Round scholarship application

Mar 31, 2020  Deadline for 2nd Round scholarship application

May 31, 2020  Deadline for self-supported application

Sep 5 , 2020    Enrollment


Application period (Undergraduate) see Undergraduate application period


2. How to apply?

Please fill in and submit your application at our application website


3. Do I need to pay the application fee?

We have an admission application fee of USD130 or RMB800 which is mandatory and not refundable, but no extra fee is charged for applicants to apply for a scholarship.

All admission applicants should pay the fee before the submission of your online application. The application fee can be paid through either online payment or bank transfer.

If you have been awarded with CSC scholarship through your embassy or MOFCOM scholarship, you don’t need to pay the application fee. Under this circumstance, please inform us of your application information via email to for further instructions.

4. Can I send my application and documents by email?

No. We do not accept applications by email. Please submit your application onto our online application system Study@SJTU(


5. Do I need to mail the hard copy documents to your office? What is the address?

No, the admission application would be processed online, and applicants DO NOT need to mail the paper application materials to our office


6. What programs do you offer?

Please check program list:




For program detail, please contact the department directly.


7. Do I have to contact a professor?

Normally students can apply without an acceptance letter from the professor, but it depends ultimately on the department’s requirements. Please contact with your department to confirm this again.

For department contact information, please check:


8. Do you have the contact information for professors?

For professors’ contact information, please contact the department directly.

For department contact information, please check:

You will find the PDF document entitled “School Contact Information of SJTU for 2019 Admission”.

9. What is the tuition fee for Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance/Antai College of Economics & Management/ USC-SJTU Institute of Cultural and Creative Industry/Koguan Law School /School of Media & Design?

Please contact with the department directly.

For department contact information, please check:

10. What are the language proficiency requirements?

For Graduate Programs:


11. Can the language certificate be waived if I can get a certificate from my previous university certifying that my last program was conducted and completed in English?

Please check Language Requirements for SJTU International Graduate Programs.pdf


12. What if I haven’t graduated or obtained my degree certificate now?

You can apply for this year’s program so long as you can get your degree certificate before the registration time in Sept . Please upload a confirmation letter from your university verifying that you are expected to obtain the degree certificate in due time. If you cannot provide it, we are afraid you are not eligible to apply for our programs.


13. What is the “scholarship award letter”?

The scholarship award letter refers to the certificate issued by the Chinese embassy or other organizations which verifies that you have been awarded with a specific scholarship e.g. CSC scholarship through embassies/MOFCOM program.

14.  What is the “remittance notice”?

The remittance notice refers to the receipt from the bank. If you have paid the application fee through bank transfer, please upload the remittance notice onto our website.

If you have paid the application fee through online payment, you don’t need to provide the remittance notice.


15.  How can I pay the application fee?


You can choose online payment or bank transfer. You will see the instructions in the online application system Step 8. The application fee should be paid before the submission of online application.


16.  What is the bank account information?




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