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Student Activities

International Student Activity Schedule, Fall Semester 2021-2022

序号 活动类别 活动名称 活动主题
1 Sports Bow and arrow Deepen students understanding of Chinese archery culture
2 Philippine Short Stick Experience Philippine short stick and learn about world cultures
3 Fun sports meeting Students participate in a fun sports event for  orientation
4 Sino Foreign Friendship Cup Students participate in the billiards program
5 Dancing Party The interaction of Traditional Dance and Modern Dance
6 Chinese Culture Experience Umbrella Painting Experience the art of oil paper umbrella hand painting
7 the Beijing Opera Experience International students practice singing Peking Opera
8 Making Qingtuan in Qingming Festival Learn about Qingming customs and make traditional food
9 Chinese Painting appreciating traditional Chinese painting techniques
10 Chinese Tea Culture experience event introduced Chinese tea culture and tea art knowledge
11 Tuan Fan Painting appreciated the art of hand-painted fans
12 Hanfu and Palace Lantern Show Students dressed in special costumes for artistic performances
13 Tie-dyeing Experience the traditional Chinese art of tie-dyeing
14 Paper Cutting——Animal Silhouettes Learning the art of paper cutting
15 Seal Carving Activity Sstudents learn seal carving techniques
16 Bamboo Weaving and Flower Arrangement Students approach nature for aesthetic education
17 Dragon Boat Festival in Poems Experience Duanwu culture and appreciate Chinese poetry
18 Invite you for Moon Festival Students experience Mid-Autumn culture and make moon cakes
19 Chinese Food Therapy Culture Experience Experience the process of making ice gourd
20 Beijing Opera Impression Try on antient costume and traditional make-up
21 Learn about the Tiger in the Year of Tiger Making Handicrafts with Tiger Elements
22 Immersive Experience in China Fall Hiking Visit Shanghai Zhujiajiao ancient town
23 Welcome Song Party SJTU Orientation Season Song Party
24 Spring Hiking Chinese and foreign students visit Sheshan in spring
25 Shanghai Cultural Tour I Go to Cinsan Botanical Garden for greenery
26 Shanghai Cultural Tour II Visit Guangfu Lin Park and learn about the culture of Shanghai
27 Shanghai Cultural Tour III Visit to the site of the First Chinese Congress
28 Shanghai Cultural Tour IV Visit the Expo Museum and explore the origin of the Expo
29 An exhibition about the life and art of Chinese literati Understanding the life of ancient Chinese literati
30 Aesthetic Education Visit the art museum and enjoy the wonderful art works
31 SJTU History Museum Learn about the history of Shanghai Jiao Tong University
32 Chinese Ethnic Musical Instruments Museum Tour Understanding Chinese Traditional Music
33 Others Leadership Lecture Series Teaching international student leadership courses
34 Career Development and Life Planning International student employment policy explanation


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