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Student Associations

1.SJTU International Student Union    

SJTU’s International Student Union was founded in 2009, the team member is international students coming from different countries. Currently it has 6 departments within the union: Media Department(mainly responsible for the publicity work of the International Student Union in the early stage of the event, including WeChat official account, posters, promotional videos, photography of various activities, and graphic promotion), Art Department (mainly responsible for the organization of cultural and art events, program planning and event scheduling), Volunteer Department(mainly responsible for regularly coordinating student issues and guiding new students), Secretary Department(mainly responsible for internal management of various departments including internal communication and coordination, financial management and outreach), Academic Department(mainly responsible for helping the academic performance and career development of international students, linking graduate students and undergraduates, and helping international students to obtain information related to research and career development.) and Sports Department (mainly responsible for the recruitment, planning and hosting of sports events and competitions).Each of these 6 department cooperate, work hard to provide a platform for international students to communicate with each other and show ourselves and improve the comprehensive quality of the international students.
     We host all kinds of events as our traditional events, such as, Ice breaking, Halloween and New Year’s Eve Party, Stay Love charity fund raising, Photography competitions, Cultural day, etc, and meanwhile we will irregularly hold community volunteer service and quality development competition and so on to enrich foreign students’ campus cultural life from every angle. Shanghai Jiao Tong University International Students Union organizes various forms of cultural exchange activities every semester to strengthen the cultural exchange between international students and Chinese students, helping international students to better understand Chinese culture and better integrate into campus life.

2.AYC-SJTU: the Asian Youth Center of Shanghai Jiao Tong University    

The Asian Youth Center of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (AYC-SJTU) invested and founded by a famous Hong Kong entrepreneur Cao Qiyong, which aims to promote communication among Asian students and to establish a platform containing Asian features for elite students. AYC-SJTU carries out international exchange activities on a long-term basis in order to enhance understanding, cultivate the talent and promote mutual learning.

AYC-SJTU, leaded by International Student Service Center of SJTU, has three domain sectors: Sports Group, Salon Group and Party Group. All project applicants should choose to participate in one of the above three groups according to their actual abilities and interests. They need to guarantee that they will take their responsibilities after joining AYC. This project has set up a membership assessment committee which does a summary at the end of each semester and conduct the qualification assessment in the next semester. Project members are required to submit written summaries and presentations at the end of each semester. Those who pass the assessment will be eligible for the next semester.

AYC-SJTU aims to promote communication and mutual learning among youth students from different countries by holding various activities, such as Cross Cultural Activities (e.g. Asian theme culture day, virtual Asia tour, Asian games, Festival party, New Year’s party), Excellence Seminar (e.g. Cultural salon, Academic BBS, Group activities), and Mind Sharing (Learning experience sharing, Activities’ feeling sharing, Commendation of outstanding members). The intention of these activities can be divided as follow: improving mutual understanding, developing the friendship among members, and cultivating cross-cultural skills and independent views.

In fact, AYC project expands the international vision of its members, cultivates and sends outstanding students to various international platforms for further study, and contributes to the construction of the Asian cultural circle.

3.Student Associations for International Students

  For SJTU students, taking part in associations is the most important part of after-school life. In addition to the International Students Union, there are more than 100 clubs open to international students.

4.Main events for associations in SJTU

1). Hundred Regiments Offensive is held every semester for associations to recruit new members. At that time, all of the associations here will get together at the eastern road turntable and hold the recruitment activities for two days. You can see all kinds of performances on the stage and there is usually interesting food for free at that time.

2).SJTUers’ Festival is held on the university anniversary every year. It is a great anniversary held by every associations led by SJTU Associations’ Union and by the Students’ Union in every institution. There are Fascinating Art, Academic Technology and Science, International Customs, Dazzling Nations, Parade, Experiencing Cultures , Attracting Stage and other parts on the festival. SJTU People’s Festival attracts a great number of people every year, and there are over 30 thousand people celebrating SJTU ‘s birthday together.


3).Traditional Culture Month is held by the Associations Union. As its name indicates, it lasts for a month. It starts with Mid-autumn road show and ends with Chinese Lantern Fair romantically, includes traditional art show, campus culture setting, community lecture course, community features and other wonderful activities.

4).Chinese Lantern Fair, the most romantic festival for SJTUers, is held by the Associations’ Union. At night, on the band of Siyuan Lake, in front of Bao Yugang Library, more than 20 traditional culture communities set a night market in the glow of paper lantern. Thousands of water lanterns are floating on the surface of Siyuan Lake, constituting beautiful and romantic scenery together with the twinkling lantern light on the band, which makes you feel like in painting.

5).“Dancing time” dance drama performance is held in December every year. It is an annual dance event hosted by the Associations’ Union and performed by several dance communities together. The performances are divided in two parts. The first half is dance performances prepared by various clubs, the dancing styles of street dance, national standards and nationalities are performed on the stage in turn, bringing the audience unparalleled visual and auditory enjoyment. The second half is the original dance drama, from the dreamworld of the nutcracker followed by surging beach of Shanghai, come again to the fantasy suspense mask game, leading everyone shuttling though several scenes while admiring the dance.

6).The Science and Technology week is held from the end of March to the beginning of April, ending with technology exhibition in SJTUers’ Festival. It is jointly organized by SJTU Associations’ Union, several technology communities, the association of science and technology in each institution and some laboratories, including many excellent and special activities such as visiting and experiencing the laboratories, science and technology lectures, scientific DIY, etc.


7).The associations’ Union held the Training Lecture for Technology Addicts in the autumn semester to invite experts in various fields to teach us face-to-face and hand-to-hand. It is no longer a problem to be proficient in PS, PR, photography and Wechat article.

5.How to join the associations and events

  Shanghai Jiao Tong University International Students Union WeChat official accounts "sjtuissc" is a window for International Student Union's release activities and International Student Service Center to publish information about international students. Scan the QR code below to follow the official accounts to get information, activities, and notifications from the International Students Union.

    SJTU associations’ Union operates a We-chat public account called “SJTUAU”, where you can get information about all the association activities. This public account mainly publishes important Notifications related to all the association and reprint articles.

         Scan the QR code upside to follow the official account named “SJTUAU”, and reply the keywords “I want to join the association”, you can get information to join the association.


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