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Services Structure

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Directory of International Students Administration and Services Departments



Area of Work



Office   Address

International Student Center

Overall planning   and coordination of SJTU international students affairs, education plan development   for international students, and policy research, etc.

—Admission Office

Market research   for international students, plan   formulation, promotion of school enrollment and admission, program   development for undergraduate programs; overall   planning of international students admission   affairs; liaison with CSC about scholarships and admission affairs, etc.


New Administration Building B809

—Student Mobility Office

Responsible for   inbound exchange affairs; Organize and manage CSC Outstanding Undergraduate   Programs, Sino-US and Sino-Europe scholarship program; Approve school-level   international short-term programs; Review and approve student exchange   agreements; Responsible for undergraduate outbound exchange affairs   (including semester exchange, short-term and dual degree programs); Organize   and select excellent courses taught in English for international students,   etc.


New Administration Building B809

—Academic Office

General affairs;   Evaluate and issue the  international   student scholarship annually; Administrate international degree students;   Manage the international students tuition fees   and training expenses; Develop and maintain  the information system for international   student and Study@SJTU website, etc.


New Administration Building B809

International Affairs Office   of Graduate  School

Market research   for international graduate students and plan formulation, promotion and admission of  graduate programs, develop new programs for   international graduate students; Responsible for graduate outbound exchange   affairs, etc.



Chen Ruiqiu Building 331

International Student   Service Center

International students’ housing management; In   charge of the international students’ events and activities, Asian Youth   Center, and international students’ insurance; Selection of outstanding international   students, etc.


New Administration Building B2044


Taoliyuan (Xuhui Campus) 1007

Service Center for   Exit-Entry Administration

Visa-related affairs for International students,   etc.


New Administration Building B200


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