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Traditional Farm Experience Day—2017 ACEM International Students Activities

    June 3, 2017, around 20 international students attended the cultural trip organized by the International Office of ACEM, taking one day off from the hustle and bustle of the urban Shanghai, to the Xin Chang ancient town and a traditional Chinese farm.




    In the morning, students visited the Xinchang ancient town, an 800-year-old town famous for its historical architectures like stone arches and stone bridges. Some watched the interesting crafting of traditional handmade snacks and tasted the flavors. Some took pictures of the historical architectures and read their stories behind.




    Students then visited a traditional Chinese farm. The owner of the farm guided the students around the farm and gave an interesting introduction on the local vegetables and farming techniques. Students were also invited to try some planting methods with the instruction from the owner. They also learnt to make their own soy milk and Chinese tofu by using the traditional stone mill, which tasted good!






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