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Chinese Calligraphy Class—2017 ACEM International Students Activities


June 2, 2017, around 10 international students attended the Chinese Calligraphy Class hosted by the International Office of ACEM.



At the class, Master Zeng Xiulong, a professional calligrapher and painter, firstly introduced to the students the implements of Chinese calligraphy, namely the ink brush, ink, paper, and ink stone, known together as the Four Treasures of the Study.


Master Zeng Xiulong then demonstrated the proper posture, the movement of the body, shoulder, arm and hand when practicing calligraphy, as he explained studying calligraphy was as much a physical as a mental exercise.


Under his instruction, students were encouraged to hold the brushes, and familiarize themselves with some single brushstrokes, lifting and pressing, turning and twisting, trying their hands at the key techniques of calligraphy.
At the end of the class, every student was given a piece of work by the Master as a gift. The Chinese Calligraphy Class is held every other Friday afternoon from June 2 to June 30. It is a part of the China Class series for international students to learn a wide spectrum of Chinese culture.




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