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ACEM Welcomes 2015 New MIB Students


Antai College of Economics & Management (ACEM) welcomed its 2015 enrolled graduate students at SJTU Xuhui Campus on September 12th.

More than 70 MIB students from all over the world attended  ACEM’s Opening Ceremony of this academic year. They were welcomed by Dean Zhou Lin and the executive team of the college, professors, alumni students and current students. On behalf of 2015 MIB students, Laura Van Laer from Belgium spoke about the reasons she applied for Antai and her expectation for this program. She said “Antai College of Economics & Management is one of the best schools in the world. I like ACEM’s MIB program, because this master program focuses on both western and Chinese business aspects and it is quite unique differing from other programs. So far I really like that our class is so diverse. There are classmates from all kinds of different regions of the world and it is a perfect mix of different cultures. Confucius once said ‘when I walk with others, one of them can become my teacher’. I hope in the coming two years I can not only learn about doing business, but also learn a lot about different cultures from my classmates.”

The MIB program orientation was held on the same day right after the Opening Ceremony, presented by Dean ZHOU Lin, Associate Dean Wan Guohua, Associate Dean Tang Ningyu, MIB Program Director LU Lin, the board of MIB professors, program coordinating team. Dean Zhou made a welcome speech in a vivid way, Associate Dean Wan encouraged new students to make full use their time in Antai and its resources, while Associate Dean Tang talked about the targets and the key features of the program. In the past two years, MIB students have got internship opportunities, at KPMG, PHILIPS, SAP etc. and some of them found jobs in well-known MNCs both at home and abroad.  ACEM is committed to make itself a bridge between China and other countries and a college to develop global talents.

On Sunday the new MIB cohort headed to Minhang Campus for their first team building. MIB Program Director LU Lin designed a “Kick-off Expedition”. During the Expedition, all the students were divided into 10 groups, each group had to fulfill tasks around the campus within three hours. At the end of the team building, all participants shared their feelings and learnings and concluded that team spirit and cooperation made them closer and stronger. In this way, the new students got to know each other better and quicker.


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