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China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone——The first employment of foreign college students in Shanghai


1. Time:

13:30-16:00June 3, Friday, 2016.
2. Address:

The talent market inPudong newdistrict(Recruitment Hallon the first floorof No.1996, Zhangyang Road),next to Miaopu Road, the 3rdexit of Beiyangjing Road,Line 6.
3. Sponsor:

The bureau of human resources and social security in Pudong new district.
4. Organizers:

Talent communication center in Pudong new district.
Thetalent market inPudong new district.
5. Transportation:

Subway:The 3rd exit of Beiyangjing Road, Line 6.
Bus line:130、155、169、339、609、630、638、736、774、775、783、785、790、791、935、961、1024、get off at the stop of Miaopu road.

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