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2016 Huawei Recruitment for Foreign Students in China

Introductory Session


About Huawei

Huawei is a leading global ICT solutions provider, serving more than 1/3 of the world's population. Through our dedication to customer-centric innovation and strong partnerships, we have established end-to-end capabilities and strengths across the carrier networks, enterprise, consumer, and cloud computing fields.

1.       Candidates we are seeking:

If you are a foreign student in China, and will graduate sometime between January 1, 2016 and December 31, 2017, make sure and send your résumé our way. In particular, we are looking for students who have majored in computer science, software, telecommunications, electronics, engineering, and related disciplines in science, technology, finance, economics and management.

2.       Openings

Primary locations: Cities in China (Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, etc.), South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Botswana, Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, Angola, Zambia, Mauritius

l  IT Application Software Engineer

l  Cloud Computing Development Engineer

l  Big Data Development Engineer

l  Solution Technology Engineer

  • Algorithm Engineer

  • Technological Research Engineer

  • Language Specialist

  • Account Manager

  • Product Manager

  • Marketing Engineer

  • Contract Business Engineer

  • Supply Chain Management Engineer

  • Procurement Engineer

  • HR Specialist

  • Administrative Specialist

For more details about these positions, please visit Huawei's official recruitment website (website in English).

3.       Introductory Session:

Time14:00 Dec. 21th 

 LocationRoom 300,Tiesheng Building,Minhang Campus

 Please bring your CV



Huawei Recruitment Team for Foreign Students in China


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