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How to Reserve


2、Username: Student Number (please refer to the offer)

3、Password: The last six digits of your passport number ( for example, if your passport number is AK5123B4, the password will be 5123B4; if the passport number is shorter than six digits, 0 should be added before the first digit. For example, if your passport number is 1236, the password will be 001236; if you do not have a passport, the password would be your birthday in the form of YYYYMMDD)  


Payment Instructions

You need to pay the accommodation fee in advance. Please pay attention that:

1Full payment of the accommodation fee is required at the time of booking. The reservation would only be valid after the payment.

2Online payment must be made at 22:00 on the day of booking, otherwise the system would be inaccessible automatically and the order will be invalid.

3You can pay the fee via Alipay, WeChat, or with a bank card with such logos as UnionPay, Master, Visa, American Express, etc. Please make sure your account has opened online payment service.

4If you pay by credit card through an international card organization channel such as Master, Visa or American Express, you will be charged a certain commission by the international card organization and bank. Therefore, it is recommended to pay via Alipay, WeChat or any bank card with the UnionPay logo so that you can enjoy a free handling fee.

5It is advisable to make reservation and payment via Internet Explorer. If any error occurs during the payment process, you can try to refresh the webpage or use another browser.

6Once the payment is finished, please wait until the page automatically jump to the payment success page” . Click “Personal Center” and if you can see the paid order, it indicates that the reservation has been finished successfully.  


Other Instructions

1. Before moving into the hostel, you must complete the online registration and meet the requirements of the appropriate outbreak prevention and control regulations.

2. If the room you book is not available due to special circumstances, we will arrange a similar room for you.

3. Students who have made reservation successfully could not change room as long as the order is valid. Please respect your roommate’s habits if you have chosen a double room.

4. You can find the introduction of the international student apartment and the regulations of charges and other relevant i in the help file on your personal web page. You are deemed to have understood and agreed with the aforesaid information and regulations when you make the reservation. You are expected to sign an accommodation contract with us before making the payment. Please carefully read and follow the provisions in the contract.

5. According to Article 8 in Measures for Accommodation Management of International Student Apartment of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, on-campus accommodation will be arranged on a first-come-first-served basis, depending on the timing of applications and availability of accommodation. which means not all students' on-campus accommodation needs can be guaranteed. 

6. According to the decision approved by the 2nd Financial Leadership Group Meeting 2020, the accommodation fees for international students do not include bedding. You can go to the supermarkets around the campus for purchaseYou can also buy bedding at the apartment. Please refer to the annex for detailed information about the bedding on offer at the apartment.

7. The receipt of accommodation fee can be downloaded and printed from the same website.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the International Student Service Center. The contact information is as follows:

Xuhui Campus:,+86-21-62933305

Minhang Campus:,+86-21-34203955


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