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The Regulations of Registration and Issue of Living Subsidies for International Scholarship Students


    In order to regulate the issue of scholarship, international scholarship students are required to register at the beginning of each semester and every month from September, 2016; scholarships mentioned above refer to Chinese Government, Shanghai Government(A, B), SJTU(all types),Shanghai Jiao Tong University Scholarship for Bachelor Degree(all types), Confucius Institute and Changcheng Corporation scholarships. Details are as followed:



I.      Regulations of Registration

           i.   Semester’s Signing:Scholarship students are required to sign within 5 working days from the registration day, please bring student card to International Student Centre(ISC), Xuhui Campus: Registration Venue or Room 1001, Tao Li Yuan; Minhang Campus: Registration Venue or Student Affairs Office(Room 807, New Administration Building B). 

          ii.   Signing Monthly: From the second month after semester’s signing, it is required for scholarship students to go to the college and sign monthly (normally from 10th to 15th each month, within 5 working days only, not including weekends).

         iii.   Regulations of Particular Cases:

                    1)     In principle, those who do NOT register on time, it is not allowed to make up for registering later.

                    2)     Those who can NOT register on time because of illness, attending academic research, such as international seminar, projector business trip, it is required to inform of the college, submit a certificate from the hospital(illness only) and an explanation letter approved and signed by professor;

            These two situations are only acceptable by the college before the deadline of registration, the college will do registration instead of the students after verifying; when it happens during the semester registration, ISCshould be informed by the college.

                    3)     Besides, those who ask for leaving more than 15 days, scholarship will be suspended for one month,process of asking for leave is according to the regulations of Graduate School.

                4) Those who miss the deadline of registrationscholarship will be suspended.



II.                Regulations of Distribution

                                                Time of Distribution



January and February: will be granted together

Before 10th, January

March and April: will be granted together after Semester’s Signing

Before 20th, March

May and June: will be granted monthly

Before 10th of Each Month

July and August: will be granted together

Before 10th, July

September and October: will be granted together after Semester’s Signing

Before 30th, September

November and December: will be granted monthly

Before 10th of Each Month


III.                Notes

         i.    All the international scholarship students should obey International Student Accommodation Regulatory Rules of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and other related regulations of accommodation subsidies for the international scholarship students. The living subsidies of those who live in the dormitories but refuse to pay accommodation fee will be withheld for the deduction of the accommodation fee.

       ii.    Standard of accommodation subsidy: SJTU will add extra subsidy on the basis of the standard of appropriation for Chinese Government Scholarship (Ph. D Student and Senior Scholar 1000 Yuan/month, Master Student and General Scholar 700 Yuan/month, Undergraduate 700 Yuan/month). New standard of accommodation subsidy is: Ph. D Student and Senior Scholar 1500 Yuan/month, Master Student and General Scholar 1200 Yuan/month, Undergraduate 1000 Yuan/month,Confucius College Scholarship student 1000yuan/month. The subsidy is offered in 12 months. Subsidy will be distributed one year and in compliance with the duration of the scholarship.

Time of distribution: SJTU provides the part of the subsidy covering from July to Jan. of next year in every July (7 months in total) and the rest of subsidy covering from Feb. of next year to June of next year in every December (5 months in total).

    iii.    All rights reserved by International Student Centre.


The Schedule of Signing from Sept, 2016 to Dec, 2017

SigningTimePlaceScholarship for
Autumn, Semester’s Signing, 2016-20179th~16th, September, 2016Registration Venue / Room 807, New Administration Building BSeptember & October, 2016
October, 2016, Signing Monthly10th~14th, October, 2016CollegeNovember, 2016
November, 2016, Signing Monthly 11st~17th , November, 2016CollegeDecember, 2016
December, 2016, Signing Monthly12nd~16th, December, 2016CollegeJanuary & February, 2017
Spring, Semester’s Signing, 2016-201720th~24th, February, 2017Registration Venue / Room 807, New Administration Building BMarch & April, 2017
April, 2017, Signing Monthly10th~14th, April, 2017CollegeMay, 2017
May, 2017, Signing Monthly2nd~8th, May, 2017CollegeJune, 2017
June, 2017, Signing Monthly9th~15th, June, 2017CollegeJuly & August, 2017
Autumn, Semester’s Signing, 2017-20188th~15th, September, 2017Registration Venue / Room 807, New Administration Building BSeptember & October, 2017
October, 2017, Signing Monthly9th ~13rd, October, 2017CollegeNovember, 2017
November, 2017, Signing Monthly10th ~16th, November, 2017CollegeDecember, 2017
December, 2017, Signing Monthly11st ~15th, December, 2017CollegeJanuary & February, 2018




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