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The Regulations of Registration and Issue of Living Subsidies for International Scholarship Students

In order to regulate the issue of living subsidies, international scholarship students are required to register at the beginning of each semester and every month from September, 2015, details are as follows: 

I. Regulations of Registration
1. Semester’s Signing: Scholarship students are required to sign within 5 working days from the registration day, please bring student card to International Student Centre(ISC), Xuhui Campus: Room 1001, Tao Li Yuan, Minhang Campus: Student Affairs Office(Room 807, New Administration Building B).In particular cases, those who can NOT sign on time should make a phone call to ISC, 34203847, and make up for signing within concerted period of time.  
2. Signing Monthly: From the second month after semester’s signing, it is required for scholarship students to go to the college and sign monthly (from 10th to 15th each month, working days only). In particular cases, those who can NOT sign on time should offer a formal explanation to the department which is in charge of international students’ scholarship signing, and make up for signing within concerted period of time.  
3. The Schedule of Signing from October, 2015 to December, 2016

4. Those who do NOT register on time, their scholarship will be suspended. To resume the scholarship, students should submit a report to the college. The report will be sent to the International Student Centre for verifying after being approved by the supervisor and the college, and then the result will be released.
II. Regulations of Distribution
1. Time of Distribution

2. Those who have to suspend the study, go to business trip, attend international conference or ask for leave for other reason, it is required to go through the procedure and report to International Student Centre for record, otherwise the scholarship will be suspended.
3. All the international scholarship students should obey International Student Accommodation Regulatory Rules of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and other related regulations of accommodation subsidies for the international scholarship students. The living subsidies of those who live in the dormitories but refuse to pay accommodation fee will be withheld for the deduction of the accommodation fee.

1. Scholarships mentioned above refer to all types of scholarships containing living and accommodation subsidies.
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