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2016 Academic Year Fall Semester Orientation for Non-degree International Students Successfully held

Orientation for non-degree International Students was successfully held at Room 418 of New Administration Building B in Shanghai Jiao Tong University Minhang campus on Saturday, September 10, 2016. 

Before the start of the orientation, the official publicity film of Shanghai Jiao Tong University was shown to international students. Students are amazed at the long history of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the important role it has been playing in the development of China.

After the publicity film, our host Ruonan Li organized two ice-breaking games to warm up the atmosphere. Through the game: “Quick lessons on Chinese Daily Expressions”, our incoming students learned how to greet Chinese friends and how to order food without meat in campus. And during the second game “Matching”, students get the knowledge about the desired destinations for foreigners in China.

Our orientation starts after the games. First of all, Ms Gao Yi from International Mobility Office gave detailed information on Jaccount application, course selection, academic schedule of SJTU and contact information of college teachers. The function of International Mobility Office was well explained and the confusions from our students were solved.

Secondly, Sally Zheng from Antai College of Economics and Management gave a wonderful presentation about Living and Studying in SJTU. By restating the meaning of the three keywords: creation, passion and devotion, she pictured a fun and fulfilling life in which students can participate in various clubs and society activities here in SJTU.

Then, Ms Wan Yunyun from Service Center for Exit-Entry Administration gave guidance on VISA application in China; Dr. Zhang from International Student Service Center gave a talk on cultural exchange and socializing activities and Mr. Fu Bing from SJTU Network and Information Center gave guidance on network application and the usage of hydropower system. Their considerate interpretation on these topics brought convenience to the life of our new SJTUers.

After that, the president of International Communication Association Ziyi Liu presented a video about the past activities this association held before and introduced the Buddy Program and the benefits it brings to international students in detail.

To show a new perspective of seeing the life here in SJTU for international exchange students, Justice Adeenze-Kangah from Ghana shared his experience here as a foreign students and listed several useful suggestions on how to spend their time in Shanghai.

Finally, after our guest speaker, the founder of a well-known Wechat platform “Anyhelper” Kelvin gave a brief introduction on his project and the ways it can simplify foreigners’ life.

The whole presentation procedure ended with a Scavenger Hunt game. Our incoming international students were divided into three teams and went to several designated places to take pictures and to complete the tasks. The winning group were awarded with our special made, 120th anniversary souvenir bottle and all our participants were given a university postcard.

[Photo]Ziyi Liu

[Contributor]Ruonan Li


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