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Graceful Calligraphy and Chinese New Friends


    Exchange students of SJTU experienced Chinese calligraphy and painting on March 9th at Lower Hall, Minhang Campus.

    Several students from Association of Chinese Calligraphy, Painting and Engraving introduced the classification and features of Chinese calligraphy and painting. To help exchange students better understand the process of writing calligraphy, students from the association demonstrated a live writing and presented their works.


    Exchange students were twinned with students from the association, which helped them soon grasped the basic skills of writing calligraphy. 

    After a brief evaluation, those who did a good job won some awards prepared by ICA. Every winner was happy and proud of his or her works.”I love this activity! Actually, I have heard the calligraphy when I was in my own country and I was really amazed by this art. It’s a good chance for me to learn and thanks for my buddy as well. She helps me a lot.”An exchange student said.


    Through this kind of experience, exchange students learned more about Chinese calligraphy , which enhanced their understanding of Chinese culture.


    Exchange student’s calligraphy work


    "I have won a calligraphy art craft!”


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