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Listen to Guqin, experience the Chinese traditional culture


    To enrich the campus life of exchange students, improve their understanding of Chinese traditional culture, Shanghai Jiao Tong University International Student Center collaborating with Minsi English speech club, organized exchange students to attend a Guqin Concert on March1th, 2016.

    The concert called‘South wind knows my mind and brings my dream to West Islet’ was hold by Xi Zhou Guqin Society of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, supported by SJTU Association Union. Members of Xizhou, together with Tongji Guqin Society and Sinan Han Chinese Clothing Society, brought the audience with a wonderful performance. The concert showedprofound and diversified culture of ancient China.





    This kind of experience is very special for most of the exchange students. They listened very carefully, to feel the peace brought by the music came from 5000 years ago.





    At the end of the concert, the founder of Minsi English speech club, Ruirui, thanked all the players to give all the audience such a perfect concert. Minsi English club will act as a bridge, to help the exchange students get access to more activities in and out of the campus, which would help accelerate the communication between different countries.



    All the players, exchange students and members from Minsi English Club took a photo together. Wish the memory and friendship will last for long.




Editor: Muyue, Ruirui Wang

Photo: Zhitao Liu, John Zhang




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