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Announcement on Selecting SJTU Excellent International Students and Student Leaders

In order to precede the development of our university’s international education, in order to enhance the construction of campus culture, and to set up the typical excellent international students’ model, we carry out the selection of SJTU excellent international students and student leaders in all degree students.

I. Altogether 30 degree students in SJTU will be selected.

II. Students under these conditions will be considered:
1. Good character: The student should obey the law of China, the regulations in SJTU, and the management practices of overseas students. He should have good self-cultivation, respect the teachers, stay in good relationship with others; he should also take an active part in physical exercises and have a good lifestyle.
2. Good academic performance: The student should have good learning habits, good marks in the courses he chooses, he should also enjoy the qualities of innovation, concentration, independent thinking , problem analysis and solution, he should be knowledgeable and take an active part in extracurricular activities in the academic field. (Those with awards will be preferred)
3. Taking part in activities actively: The student should take an active part in volunteer experience and cooperate with the work in campus and institutions.
4. The student should have studied for more than one year in SJTU and should be degree students.
5. Students who want to apply for excellent international student leaders should hold the post of minister and above from international students union in SJTU or some other groups.
6. Students who have received disciplinary actions are not included.

III.   Course of selection:
1. Students who match with the conditions shall download the file “Application Form for SJTU Excellent International Students (Excellent International Student Leaders) in 2015”(print it out on both sides)in Choose one item between excellent international students and excellent international student leaders. Meanwhile, other related materials are needed.
2. The teacher of the International Student Service Center will check the materials and organize an open reply for the applicants. (The time and place for the reply will be announced later)
3. The International Student Service Center will publish the name of applicants who have passed the assessment for three days in SJTU.
4. The Students Affairs Steering Committee will examine the nominees provided by the International Student Service Center.

IV.   Related Materials
1. “Application Form for SJTU Excellent International Students (Excellent International Student Leaders) in 2015”.
2. Academic transcriptions sealed by the corresponding department and honor certificates. (validity of the certificates: 2014.12-2015.11)
3. Other materials(validity of published papers and patents: 2014.12-2015.11):
1) Papers:
a) Copies of published papers, including covers, catalog and the first page of the article; 
b)  Recruitment notice or receiving paper with supervisor’s signiature.
2) Patents: Copies of patent.
No.1 and No.2 are necessary.
4. All materials should be submitted to Room B204, New Administrative Building (Minhang Campus) or Room 1001, Taoliyuan (Xuhui Campus) before 5 p.m. Dec.2th (next Wednesday).

V.   Honors and Rewards
The SJTU excellent international students and student leaders will be awarded with a certificate from the International Student Service Center and will be broadcasted and commended in the campus. Some material rewards like school supplies and living goods may also be included and the list may be reported to the Embassies and consulates in China.

Ⅵ.    Others
1. The SJTU excellent international students and student leaders selected each year will be given priority to during the evaluation of scholarships.
2.If you have any questions related to this announcement, please write an email to or call 34203955 (Minhang Campus) or 62933305(Xuhui Campus). The International Student Service Center is responsible for the explanation.
3. If there are any differences between the Chinese and the English contents, please take the Chinese version as the standard.

                                                                             International Student Service Center, SJTU

                                                                                      November 26,2015


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