Traffic Safety on Campus


Dear international student,

    Hello! The traffic safety on campus involves everyone of SJTU. The vehicles for the construction and renovation of infrastructures and architectures are driven on campus frequently. To safeguard and strengthen the campus traffic order effectively, we kindly request you:

1. Please do not speeding on campus and purchase electrical–driven or motor-driven bicycle with illegal modification. The speed limit on the campus is 5 km/hr.

2. Please follow campus traffic rules. Please ride bicycle and walk on the right side of the road. Bicycle is not allowed to be ridden on the sidewalk. Pedestrians should avoid walking in the vehicle’s lane

3. The underground parking field is being built on Xuhui Campus as engineering vehicles appear very frequently, especially in the night, so the pedestrians and drivers on Xuhui Campus need to pay particular attention to traffic safety.


In case of a safety problem or an emergency, you can call the security office:

Xuhui Campus: 62932353

Minhang Campus: 54749110



International Student Service Center, SJTU



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