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1. Freshman registration: Freshmen, please bring the original letter of admission, the original JW202 form, and the personal passport to the registration venue.

2. Registration of old students: Old students are required to bring their student ID card and personal passport to register with the International Student Center.

After completing the school registration, please go to your department to register and get information including course schedule and course selection.


Registration date:

Usually in early of September. For new students, please refer to the admission notice. Old students can refer to the school calendar.


Delayed registration:

If the student cannot guarantee to report before the registration date,

Freshman: Please contact the International Student Center in advance and get permission. Students who are not allowed and do not report on time are considered to have waived their admission.

Old students: Please contact the college for leaving in advance. If you do not take time off and do not register on time, you will be treated as absenteeism. If the time of absenteeism exceeds the prescribed time, you will be dismissed.


Course selection: Course selection information can be consulted at the college or at the Academic Affairs Office elective system


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