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Shanghai Jiao Tong University Malaysian Students’ Council is founded in 2009. Our objective is to help and unite Malaysians in Shanghai Jiao Tong University as well as participate in various school level activities. We also aim to protect the rights of Malaysian students in Shanghai JiaoTong University. As of September 2018, 123 Malaysians have registered themselves as members of our student council.



2018-2019 MSC Committee Members

Introduction of our activities


2018.09.15 General Meeting and Freshmen Orientation

A general meeting was conducted for members to understand the operation structure and perennial activities of the student council. After the meeting, we went on with an orientation for Malaysian Freshmen which provided a chance for freshmen to make friends with each other in the Malaysian Students’ Council. Fun games and activities were arranged and food were served at the end of the orientation. More than 80 members participated in this activity.

2017.12.24 Christmas Party

To create a warm and joyful Christmas for all Malaysians, a Christmas Party will be held on Christmas’ Eve every year. Members can exchange presents, enjoy the fun games and food together.

2018.03.31 Spring Trip

Spring is the best season to go for a trip. Last spring, we went to GuCun park in Shanghai to enjoy the beautiful scenery where flowers bloom.

2018.04.07  SJTUers’ Carnival

Every year, our student council will participate in the anniversary celebration of SJTU. A carnival will be held and we will set up a Malaysian booth at the carnival. Last year, every one of us contributed to the design, food and management of the booth. Malaysian cuisine such as Nasi Lemak and Limau Ais were served on that day. It is a good chance to promote Malaysian culture to the world.

2018.05.13 MINI EXPO

Every year, a cultural day will be held by ISU to promote the cultures of different countries. Local Malaysian Cuisine such as Pisang Goreng, Curry and Limau Ais were served. Besides, traditional games such as Congkak and many more were prepared for others to experience Malaysian culture.


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