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    SJTU’s International Student Union was founded in 2009, and is the biggest student organization established by international students in SJTU. Currently it has 6 departments within the union: Media Dept, Volunteer Dept, Secretary Dept, Art Dept. Academic Dept. and Sports Dept. Each of these 6 department cooperate, work hard to provide a platform for international students to communicate with each other and show ourselves and improve the comprehensive quality of the international students.
     We host all kinds of events as our traditional events, such as, Ice breaking, Halloween and New Year’s Eve Party, Stay Love charity fund raising, Photography competitions, Cultural day, etc, and meanwhile we will irregularly hold community volunteer service and quality development competition and so on to enrich foreign students’ campus cultural life from every angle.


ISU Presidents and Ministers


    First year being in SJTU, you will have to adapt, explore, and grow, ISU is a place to help you with all these process. Achieving a goal with cooperation, will make you think about lots of things you didn't have before, you will grow by challenging and presenting yourself. More importantly, you will have many new friends.

Vice-president:Yin Lee Yan(Myanmar)
    Welcome to SJTU. Our ISU mainly aims to help international students from all over the world to find a sense of belonging here, to provide more perfect and more convenient service and to solve more questions for foreign students. Through activities we have improved our abilities and have enriched our lifestyle at SJTU. ISU is your home, we need you.

Vice-president: Yap Zhen(Malaysia)
    ISU, a community brimming with love and happiness. International students from different countries gather, and grow up side by side here. We grasp hold of every opportunity we get, and strive for bigger breakthrough in ourselves. ISU, a starting point in SJTU, and a turning point for you. As long as you want to, your wonderful college life will start from ISU!

    As you embark on a new chapter in your life, I warmly welcome you all to SJTU. Over the next few years, you will learn an incredible amount. SJTU is a place full of opportunities; there is a wide range of programs available that will not only enrich your life as a student, but also provide you with valuable life experiences. Activities with the International Students’ Union will cultivate and further enhance your experience here, do come forward and participate in the activities organized for you. Seize the opportunities SJTU provides you with. I guarantee you that your years here will fly by and the amount of change and growth you see in yourselves will be astonishing. I wish you the very best in this new beginning and hope you have a fantastic journey ahead.

1. Minister of Media Department: Ei Phyu Hnin(Myanmar)

    Media Department is mainly responsible for the advance publicity work of all activities in ISU, including taking charge of developing the WeChat official account platform for international students, making tickets and posters for every activity. Recently, we have opened ICU and have been in charge of the work of International Culture Exhibition. Moreover, we have held International Students Photography Competition.


2. Minister of Volunteer Department: Lai Yi Zhao(Malaysia)

    Standing as one of SJTU International Student Union's six departments-- Volunteer Department, we are dedicated to reach out and provide a helping hand to those in need. Love and passion not only fuels our determination in the path of helping others, but to spread this spirit to people around us too, creating a more harmonious atmosphere for all. We have carried out countless voluntary activities, and we will continue to do so. As the saying goes, a simple act of caring creates endless ripples, the very core spirit of Volunteer Department will never cease to burn, but passed down and continue to light up the remaining journey for everyone. 

3. Minister of Secretary Department: Sei Masae(Japan)

    As the central department in ISU, Secretary Department is responsible for the communication and the coordination of every department affairs in ISU. It plays a significant role in the guidance and construction of the internal culture of ISU and meanwhile lays the foundation for the normal development of various activities. It can be an indispensable and core existence of the International Student Association. The work of the Secretary Department is deep and meticulous, and the overall construction atmosphere of the department is positive.

4. Minister of Art Department: Chin Tian(Malaysia)

    As one of the six indispensable departments in ISU, Art Department devotes to make international students integrate into the local customs and gain colorful campus life.

    In charge of the organization and planning various activities such as Ice-Breaking, Gala night for freshmen, the New Year’s Eve Party, Cultural Day and so on, in every festive season, we will also invite the other student organizations together to organize various activities such as the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival and Dragon Boat Festival.

5. Minister of Academic Department: Junayed(Bangladesh)

    Academic Department is a new department which was established in 2017 in ISU to ensure that all foreign students in SJTU can enjoy the abundant academic resources of SJTU and to help foreign students obtain information related to research and career development. Welcome to join us.


6. Sports Department

    Sports Department is a new department set up by ISU in 2017 as well. It is mainly responsible for the recruitment, team organizing and competition of various sports events for foreign students, in order to promote sports, enhance the physique of foreign students and enrich the spare time for foreign students.


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