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    Shanghai Jiaotong University International student union(ISU) is the biggest student organization created on the own initiative of International students. At the moment ISU is formed by 6 departments which are the Voluntary department, the Foreign student department, the communication department ,the office department and the media department. Each of these 6 department cooperate and work hard to make all the events organized by the ISU possible and to support the International students in their college life and studies.


    Each year the ISU will organize amazing events like Give me Five, Fanta5tic, Halloween night, Permit Cup, Mini Expo, Christmas night, Easter event, Anniversary of founding of College, Flea market and National Culture Festival.


    This year The ISU combined the News Department and the Propaganda Department to form the Media department and created the foreign student department to help the international students who have difficulties with communicating  in Chinese.


    Each year the events organized by the ISU received positive response by the community of the International Students and achieved great success. The objective of these events is to peace the mind and body of International students who are immersed in their studies, and complete their extracurricular life. Events like the Halloween night or the Mini Expo are different each year with new added elements to improve the event.


    ISU will make serve and support the international students as their core meaning ,so that they can feel the warmth of home and fine a safe haven in times of difficulties.




About the different departments


1 Office department 

    Head of department  吴智仁   ( Canada)


    As one of the main department in charge of the primirlary work, as the strong link that makes ISU possible the office department has two main missions. The first one is the making the communication, announces between the different department of ISU, being in charge of the official mails of the ISU and making official announces and statements. The second is managing the finance of the ISU which means being responsible for the expense of different activities like the international team of basketball, football, the different events and making the financial demand to the student union. Meanwhile the office department also perfect the recording work: they keep written records of all the meetings, events, administrative act of the ISU(which includes  the record of meetings, the information on the sponsors of events detailed plan of events) to facilitate the future development of the ISU.


    The office department will start a lot of new works and welcome international students to join us.


 2 Foreign student department 

    Head of department Sharmaini M.  (Malaysia)


    The foreign student department is a newly formed department to provide help to many international students who are being marginalized and to reinforce the link and communication between different countries meetings.


    In the campus of Jiaotong, beside international students who can speak fluently Chinese, there are a lot international students who do not understand Chinese and need help. That’s why the ISU created this department this year hoping to draw the different international student community closer to find and solve the problem and difficulties.


    The main objective of the foreign student department is to help the international students who are experiencing difficulties in Chinese and improve their Chinese fluency and college life.


    The foreign student department sincerely invites all the international students who have difficulties in Chinese to join us to facilitate their participation in various events and have more opportunities to communicate.


3 Culture Department 

    Head of department zheng郑多禧 (South Korea)


    All the major culture events ever organized by the ISU were mainly under the responsibility of the Culture department, it is fair to say that the culture department is an indispensable link of the ISU.


    The specific job of the Culture department is to do the process planning of the different events and facilitate to cooperate with different international department and international communities to make multicultural events.


4. Propaganda/Advertisements Department

    Michelle (USA)

    The Propaganda Department is responsible for pre-event planning and almost everything that has to do with advertising. For example: poster designs, publishing, advertisements, pamphlets, videos and anything else that requires a high skillset in terms of production and editing. Other than event advertisements, the department also publishes information, news and maintains the WeChat Subscription for all international students.  The department also publishes entertainment outside of these official information. ICU, Freshmen Q&A, food, etc.


5. Volunteering Department

    Kevin Lee (Malaysia)

    The Volunteering Department is full of energy. In the previous year, the department has successfully planned and hosted lots of different events such as the Easter Day Activity, Flea Market, etc.

The Volunteering Department is responsible for collecting all questions and feedback international students. After collecting these information, they would then bring it into the ISU meetings and make decisions and assessments. The department’s job provides ISU with a clearer sense of direction without being inefficient with our valuable resources. This department is keen to help out everyone who is new to Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The department would contact the faculties for the new students, purchase textbooks, and other services that help new students get settled in into SJTU.


6. Contacting Department

    James Wang (USA)

    The Contacting Department is responsible for communicating with student councils from other countries, school clubs, and professors. The Contacting Department will be more then happy to help exchange students to contact whoever they need. The department also represents the international students and keeps in contact with all the faculties within the school. The Contacting Department also communicates with business and maintains a healthy relationship with them to get more funding for better activities in the future.       


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