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I.  Long-term Chinese language Programs

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    Period of schooling: There are 18 weeks for one semester. Students can apply for the programs on a semester or yearly basis. It can be prolonged according to one’s specific requirements when it falls due.

    (1) Fulltime programs:

    1. Program types

        Regular Programs:

          a) The programs are composed of courses such as Intensive Reading, Spoken Chinese, Listening, Extensive     Reading, Writing, etc.

          b) 9 levels: Elementary I, Elementary II, Elementary III, Elementary IV, Intermediate I, Intermediate II, Intermediate III, Advanced I, Advanced II

        The students will take a placement test on registration day and be assigned to a certain class according to the result of the placement test.

        Special Programs:

            New Chinese Program, Special Program for Overseas Chinese, Advanced Program for Chinese Culture and Business Chinese


    2. Course Hours and Schedule

        There are 20 course hours per week, with 4 class hours each day from Monday to Friday. The detailed class schedule will be handed out to students at the beginning of each semester.


    3. Optional Courses and Extra-curricular Activities

    Optional courses: Test-taking Skills for HSK, Chinese Culture (in English), Shanghai Dialect, Business Chinese, Chinese Characters, Chinese Characters and Culture, Chinese Martial Arts, Taijiquan (Shadow Boxing), Calligraphy, Chinese Painting, Seal Engraving, Paper Cutting, Movie Appreciation, etc.

Extra-cultural Activities: Visiting historical, cultural or scenic spots in and around Shanghai; Art Shows; Language Practicing Tours, etc.


    【Semesters and registration time】

        Spring Semester:

            The semester spans from February to July. The registration should be completed before December 15th of the  year prior to the semester year.

        Autumn Semester:

            The semester spans from September to the next January. The registration should be completed before June 15th of the same year.



        a. Application fee: RMB 450 Yuan (approximately 85 US dollars)  

        b. Tuition fee: RMB 9,900 Yuan/semester (approximately 1,650 US dollars)

        c. Tuition fee for optional courses: RMB 200 Yuan/course, exclusive of material expenses


    (2) Part-time Programs

        1. Program Types

            Business Chinese: The program is designed for foreign students who have passed the new HSK4.

            Comprehensive Chinese: The program has two levels, namely Elementary level & Intermediate level.


        2. Course Hours and Class Time

             The classes are conducted from 18:30 to 21:05, Tuesday and Thursday nights, with 6 class hours per week and 96 class hours in total for the whole program.


    【Semesters and registration time】

        Spring Semester: The semester spans from February to July. The registration should be completed before December 31st of the year prior to the semester year.

        Autumn Semester:The semester spans from September to the next January. The registration should be completed before June 30th of the same year.



        1. Application fee: RMB 450 Yuan (approximately 85 US dollars)

        2. Tuition fee

            Business Chinese: RMB 8,100 Yuan/semester (approximately 1,350 US dollars)

            Comprehensive Chinese: RMB 6,900 Yuan/semester (approximately 1,150 US dollars)

        Note: Students in the part-time programs can not apply for student visa.


Ⅱ. Short-term Chinese Language Programs

Short term Chinese Language Course-English.pdf

    (1)  Summer Chinese Programs

        1. Program Types

            Intensive Chinese: There are 7 levels, from A to G. Students' level will be judged by the interview on the registration day.

            Business Chinese: There are two levels, namely Intermediate level and Advanced level. Students' level will be judged by the interview on the registration day.

        2. Course Hours and Class Time

            The classes are conducted in each morning from Monday to Friday, with 20 class hours per week.

        3. Optional courses and extra-curricular activities

            Optional courses: Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Painting, Taijiquan

        Extra-curricular activities: A night cruising tour on Huangpu River, Circus show, A one-day tour to Suzhou, A two-day tour to Hangzhou and Wuzhen, A one-day tour to Zhouzhuang (A minimum of 10 people are required for each activity.)


    【Time and registration】

            The programs span from July to August, with 4-week program and 6-week program respectively.

Registration time: March 1st to May 31st.



          1.Registration Fee: RMB 450 Yuan (approximately 85 US dollars)

            2.Tuition fee:

                Four weeks: RMB 3,850 Yuan/term (approximately 650 US dollars)

                Six weeks: RMB 5,550 Yuan/term (approximately 930 US dollars)

            3. Tuition fee for optional courses: RMB 300 Yuan/subject, exclusive of material expenses

        Note: The students who apply for both the Summer Chinese Program and the Autumn fulltime program at the same time, only need to pay the application fee (RMB¥450) once. After online application is completed, please send an email to for confirmation.


    (2)  Short-term Chinese programs for groups

        SJTU also provides group study programs for the organizations who wish to put the group into a same class.  A minimum of 15 students at the same level are required to open a class. The curriculum and schedule can be tailored for students from the groups. There are rich, diversified courses to be selected. Program fees are up to negotiation between two parties, with the student number, length of schooling, course number etc. taken into account.




Qualification for application:

      1. A valid passport

    2. Aged from 18 to 55, in good physical condition


Registration Procedure:

        1. Apply Online at 

        2. Pay the application fee

        3. Apply for a student visa from a Chinese Embassy or consulate with the Admission Notice and visa application form(jw202 form) issued by Shanghai Jiao Tong University



      1. Application fee: Students can pay the fee online or wire the money to SJTU through banks.

       2. Tuition fee: Students can wire the fee through banks, or pay the fee with cash or credit card/bank card on arrival. The payment should not be later than the registration day.

    Note: Transferring money through ATM are NOT allowed.


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Bank account information:

    Name            Shanghai Jiao Tong University

    Account number   454659250319

    Bank             Bank of China, Shanghai Branch, Grand-Gateway Sub-Branch

    Bank code    BKCHCN BJ300

    Address        45 Guangyuan Road (West), Shanghai, China

    Post code     200030

    Bank phone  86-21-64070906


    Please write clearly the student’s name, student number or online application number on the remittance slip. Please send a copy of remittance slip as the attachment to and after the remittance.



    Office: Admission Office, International Chinese Education Center, School of Humanities, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

    Address: Room 105, Lecture Building No.1, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

           Xuhui Campus, 1954 Huashan Road, Shanghai, China. (Post code: 200030)

    Phone: 0086-21-62932277


    Office hours: Monday - Friday. 8:00-11:00, 13:00-16:30




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