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Adjustment Notice about Scholarship Accommodation Subsidy

Dear all:

To provide a wider range of housing selection to the student with scholarship covering accommodation subsidy (the scholarship student as abbreviation in following part), the policy of accommodation subsidy for the scholarship student has been updated from July 2015, SJTU will distribute the accommodation subsidy to the scholarship student with uniform standard, all kinds of previous accommodation subsidies will be ceased. The adjustments are listed as follows:

(1) Standard of accommodation subsidy: SJTU will add extra subsidy on the basis of the standard of appropriation for Chinese Government Scholarship (Ph. D Student and Senior Scholar 1000 Yuan/month, Master Student and General Scholar 700 Yuan/month, Undergraduate 700 Yuan/month). New standard of accommodation subsidy is: Ph. D Student and Senior Scholar 1500 Yuan/month, Master Student and General Scholar 1200 Yuan/month, Undergraduate 1000 Yuan/monthConfucius College Scholarship student 1000yuan/month. The subsidy is offered in 12 months. Subsidy will be distributed one year and in compliance with the duration of the scholarship.

(2) Time of distribution: SJTU provides the part of the subsidy covering from July to Jan. of next year in every July (7 months in total) and the rest of subsidy covering from Feb. of next year to June of next year in every December (5 months in total).

(3) Reservation of accommodation: From this renewal of reservation, the scholarship student could keep or change the room or choose to look for an off-campus residence. The scholarship students should pay on-campus accommodation fee by themselves according to the selected room type.

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