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Taxis are the fastest means of transportation, traffic permitting.Finding a taxi in the busy streets of the city is easy in most cases. However, during the rush hours finding one could be difficult, in which case you may want to take the metro.

Although most of the drivers are familiar with the city,  being as specific as possible with directions will speed up your journey and make it cheaper. Normally, quoting the street name of the intersecting street would be preferred.



Tipping is not expected. Cash and transportation card are the only means for payment. When giving the address of your destination, it would be better if it is in Chinese as most drivers can speak very little English.


   Upon leaving, ask for a receipt (发票 fa1 piao4), which shows the taxi number and the company’s telephone number. It is very useful if you leave something behind in the cab or you have a complaint.

• This is the fastest and the most efficient way to travel across the city. There are now 13 lines in Shanghai and covers nearly the entire city. The train interval is 3-15 minutes depending on the line. Lines that run around Central Shanghai runs on 2-5 minutes interval. 

• The minimum fare for each train ride is RMB 3. Tickets cost around RMB 3-10 based on the distance you travel. You can either buy a single journey ticket at the automated machines or use the transportation card we offer. The transportation cards are valid for the Metro, buses and taxis.

• Signs and maps are clear and in English, making the metro system easy  to navigate. However, try to avoid taking transportation during rush hours of 7:30-10:00am and 5:00-7:30pm in weekdays.

The Metro map is available in the appendix II.

• An interactive map and iPhone application can be found at:

Metro Station closest to our campus:

Dong Chuan Road Station or Jian Chuan Road Station on Line 5

• To get there:

   12~14 RMB by taxi

        2 RMB by bus (get off at Dong Chuan Road Station)


Shanghai Railway Station (SRS)       上海站 

Shanghai South Railway Station (SSRS) 上海南站

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station (SHRS)  上海虹桥火车站  

      CAUTION: Caution: Pay attention to the DEPARTURE RAILWAY STATION when purchasing a ticket.

From Minhang Campus to SRS:

•  Metro 5 to Xinzhuang, transfer to Line 1, Shanghai Railway Station

•  To SRS by taxi: Around 100 RMB

From Minhang Campus to SSRS:

•  Metro 5 to Xinzhuang, transfer to Line 1, South Shanghai Railway Station

•  To SSRS by taxi: Around 70 RMB

From Minhang Campus to SHRS:

•  Metro 5 Xinzhuang, transfer to Line 1, South Shanghai Railway Station,  transfer to Line 3 Hongqiao Road, transfer to Line 10 Shanghai Hong Qiao Railway Station


•  To SHRS by bus: Take Hongqiao Shuniu line     4 (虹桥枢纽4号), get off at Hongqiao Railway Station (around 1 hour)

From Xuhui Campus to SRS:

•  Line 1, Shanghai Railway Station

From Xuhui Campus to SSRS:

•  Line 1, South Shanghai Railway Station

From Xuhui Campus to SHRS:

•  Line 10, Shanghai Hongqiao Railway     Station

Train Tickets in SJTU

•  You can buy tickets in EXPRESS (Room 107,     Floor 1, Student Service Center). It take an auxiliary expense of 10 RMB.

•  Tel: 021-6102-0831


•  Tel of booking center: 800-820-7890

•  Tel of service center: 021-6317-9090

•  If you take the high-speed trains (高铁 gao1 tie3), SHRS will be the only departure station !


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