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Hiking Trip to Mogan Mountain


    March 26, 2016, a hiking trip to Mogan Mountain in Huzhou, Zhajiang Province was held by ICA (International Communication Association) and International Student Center. Unilike the windy and cloudy weather in previous days, the weather in Mogan Mountain area was perfect for this hiking trip.


    50 international students and 13 Chinese students from School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Electronic Information and Electronic Engineering and School of Aeronautics and Astronautics etc. participated in this hiking trip.


    On our bus trip to Mogan Mountain, we organized an ice-breaking game called Poker Your Name Out—everyone picks a card randomly and after introducing his or herself. During this ice-breaking game,  Ka Wo Li from Pennsylvania University who introduced himself in both English and Cantonese.


    We started our hiking trip in Mogan ancient town. We took a small hiking lane called Mogan international hiking lane which only attracts hiking lovers who favor excitement. The small lane is covered by stones and a stream runs beside it. The small lane is filled with wild attractions and made us closed to nature again.


After two-hour hiking, we arrived at the Sword Pone and had a picnic by this famous pond. After our picnic, we went to other famous places of interest such as the Ancient Wang Wu pavilion, Chiang Kai Shek former mansion, Green water-drip pond and so on. Some hospitable villager even invited us to have a taste of some local cuisine like dried bamboo shoots and hickory nuts. Not only did we enjoyed the excitement of hiking through a unfrequented lane, we also grasped a lot about the beautiful scenery of the mountain and their historical or methodological origins.


    The Mogan Mountain hiking trip strengthens the connection between Chinese students and foreign students and provided a platform for us to get to understand each other better. We all hope that this kind of activity will be held more often and let more students enjoy the communication.


Reporter: Ruonan Li   Xinzhu Zou

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