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A helpful and warm afternoon tea with exchange students


    To help new-here exchange students get used to the campus life and ensure a successful study life at SJTU, an afternoon tea organized by the International Mobility Office of International Student Center invited three students to exchange their opinions about study and life at Cafe of Guang Biao Building, Minhang Campus on March 9, 2016. .


    Mr. Andrian is a scholarship exchange student from New Zealand currently learning Chinese on Xuhui Campus. He was confused about the amount of the scholarship and issues related to the accommodation, visa and so on. Ms. Yi from International Student Center made a thorough explanation and proposed some suggestions regarding to the related issues.


    Ms. Liu from Seoul National University said I enjoy living here a lot.", especially when she was taking a ride around the beautiful campus, but she had no idea about how to join the cycling club here and have fun with more friends. Ms. Ziyi from International Student Center  shared her some ways to choose and join in a club, then wished her good luck and having more friends.


    A quiet girl Yin, studying at the An Tai Economics and Management College, always worked hard, but because of her unsmooth of Chinese, she had been under large pressure in class and had problems about how to choose courses online with the school system. With teachers’ advice, she thought she’ve got a proper solution.


    After discussing all the problems the three exchange students faced, the staff members from International Student Center encouraged them to help each other and ask for help from their teachers and buddies promptly so that they could have a convenient campus life at SJTU.


    Afternoon tea is an activity of warmth and real help, showing our great care for exchange students. We sincerely hope this activity could be better and better and give more help to exchange students at SJTU and let them have a more enjoyable life here!





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