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SJTU and Drexel University Launched In-depth Cooperation

On November 3rd, 2015, Zhang Jie, President of Shanhgai Jiao Tong Univesity and John Fry, President of Drexel University,  signed on the cooperation contract in starting a business, making it a deal to launch various forms of cooperation including co-edited courses and textbooks, co-teaching program, mutual visit among teachers and students etc.


University is an important driving force for innovation. SJTU established School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in 2010, providing common knowledge education in entrepreneurship and mentors, holding entrepreneurship project competition and so on. SJTU also established a "Zero Bay" in Cangyuan technology park, serving for teachers and students home and abroad, cultivating technology entrepreneurship companies.

Drexel University, locating in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was established in 1891. It is one of the largest private universities in America with 26000 students. Drexel University connects education to starting a new business in a good way. As early as 1919, Drexel University started a co-op program, which makes it the oldest, largest and most respected program in America. Drexel University established Baiada Center for Entrepreneurship, which developed into a research institute in 2012. Based on this, Drexel University established Close entrepreneurship college, which is the first entity entrepreneurship college enforcing entrepreneurship education and awarding degree in America or even in the world.


The cooperation between SJTU and Drexel University would integrate the advantagerous sources from both sides to attract entrepreneur talents all over the world.

On his visit, John Fry also made a speech in President Talk and visited the Zero Bay. In the afternoon of November 3rd, SJTU and Drexel University held a communication meeting and discussed the Master education cooperation issues in law, public health and so on.

Translated by Ling Jie

Reviewed by Wang Bingyu


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