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Notice for 2017 Chinese Government Scholarship Candidates (CGS) Applying for Pre-Admission letter to Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU)

(Only valid for Undergraduate Programs)

1.      Eligibility

1)         Applicants for Undergraduate Programs

2)         “Award Letter for Chinese Government Scholarship Candidate” holders


2.      Application Procedures

Students who intend to get the pre-admission letter from SJTU should follow the next procedures:

(1)  Online Application: Finish the on-line application at before May 31, 2017.

    1) Choose to apply for the exemption from Entrance Exam;

    2) If you need one year of Chinese courses before entering into bachelor study, please upload a cover letter to “Others” in the step of “Upload Documents”.

    3) In the step of paying application fee, please choose “bank transfer” and upload the “Award Letter” to the system.

(2)  Eligibility Evaluation: SJTU will evaluate the applicants based on their academic performance, language level and etc.

(3)  Pre-admission Letter Issuing: SJTU will offer the pre-admission letter to the qualified students, which can be printed out in the system.

(4)  As for student who fail to get pre-admission letter but still intend to get enrolled in SJTU, his/her application form will be returned. He or she could opt to take the SJTU Entrance Exam on a scheduled date.


3.      Application Materials (scan version of the original materials)

1)       Award Letter from the local Chinese Embassy

2)       Passport (Applicants under 18 years old should submit “Guardian’s Guarantee Statement”)

3)       Personal photo

4)       Senior high school diploma or equivalent (Graduating students should provide an official statement as proof of graduation)

5)       Official transcripts (or equivalent) from your high school, including courses taken

6)       HSK Certificate if have


4.      Notices

1)       This pre-admission letter can be used for applying Chinese Government Scholarship only.

2)       Official admission letter will be issued only after you are officially awarded CGS by CSC.

3)       SJTU should be your first choice of university on the CGS application form.

4)       SJTU reserves the right of final interpretation.

International Student Center

March 27, 2017


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