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Notice of 2017 Annual Evaluation of International Scholarship Undergraduate Students, Shanghai Jiao Tong University



    According to The regulation of Chinese Government Scholarship Annual Evaluationby China Scholarship Council, and the policies of Shanghai Government and SJTU, annual evaluation is going to be carried out to assess international scholarship undergraduate students, the details as follows:


A. Who Is Going to Be Evaluated

    International scholarship student, who has been awarded Chinese Government, Shanghai Municipal Government(A、B),Confucius Scholarship, and various  SJTU scholarship. Students who are going to graduate in June 2017 are not included.

B. Evaluation Procedure

    1. Student Submit Materials: Download the evaluation form from (user name: student number, password: the last six number of passport number or the password changed by yourself), select “Scholarship Form”, and “print” the evaluation form. Those who can NOT get the form successfully with the method mentioned above, please go to, and download the form from “NOTICE”, fill in and print it out before 17:00, April 5th, 2017. Students fill in Part I and submit the form with related materials to the coordinator of each college who is in charge of international students. 

    2. College Evaluate: College submits all application forms and supplementary materials to Committee of Annual Evaluation for International Undergraduates of the college. College’s recommendation part on the third page should be filled according to the Committee’s decision with signature and stamp. All materials mentioned above should be handed over to the International Student Center before21thApril.

    3. University Committee Evaluate: Committee of Annual Evaluation for International Students of SJTU is called for meeting before 30thApril with final results on the same day.

 C. List of Related Materials

1.To student

(1)   2017 Annual Scholarship Review Form for International Undergraduate Students, SJTU;

(2)   Supplementary Materials: Copies of published articles, certificates of entering international conferences, activities of school’s community or social community works.

2.To college

(1)   All the materials submitted by students;

(2)   Transcripts of all the applicants;

(3)   A summary sheet of the college’s recommendation for annual evaluation.



(1)    Final results will be “Cancelled”, if the students who should participate in this annual evaluation do not submit the annual evaluation materials.

(2)    Final results will be presented before April 30th, 2017on Study at SJTU’s website (;

(3)    Results marked as Approval will take effect from September, 2017;

(4)    Results marked as Suspended or Cancelled will take effect from June, 2017.



International Student Center

International Student Service Center

March 22, 2017


    Attached: 2017 Annual Scholarship Review Form for International Undergraduate Students


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