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Notice of Raising CSC Scholarship Subsidizing Standard and Distribution

According to the Notice of raising CSC scholarship subsidizing standard, details of scholarship distribution are as followed:

China Scholarship Council decided to raise scholarship subsidizing standard since 1st sep.2014,CSC scholarship students' living allowance as follows:

        CSC Scholarship

 Degree  Standard
 PhD  3500yuan/month
 Master  3000yuan/month
 Bachelor 2500yuan/month

To better support all the CSC scholarship PhD students, enrolled in 2014. SJTU has already prepaid extra 1000 yuan compared with the old standard since September 2014 (3000 yuan/month per person).To carry out the newly issued subsidizing standard ,SJTU will reissue the still remaining part to the 2014er,i.e.500 yuan for each those 6months, 3000 yuan in all Standard after adjustment details of retroactive payment as follows:

For other CSC Scholarship students: Monthly living allowance for PhD is increased from 2000 yuan to 3500 yuan, Master Degree is increased from 1700 yuan to 3000 yuan, Bachelor Degree is increased from 1400 yuan to 2500 yuan. From September, 2014 to February, 2015, there’re six months’ living allowances will be paid retroactively: PhD 1500 yuan/month, 9000 yuan in total; Master Degree 1300 yuan/month, 7800 yuan in total; Bachelor Degree 1100 yuan/month, 6600 yuan in total.   

Standard after adjustment details of retroactive payment as follows:





   After Adjustment

Start from March, 


  Retroactive Payment

September, 2014 to February, 2015

 PhD   3500yuan/month

  PhD students (enrolled in 2014):

  500 yuan/month,3000 yuan in total;

  For other CSC Scholarship students

  1500 yuan/month9000 yuan in total

 Master   3000yuan/month  1300 yuan/month7800 yuan in total
 Bachelor  2500yuan/month  1100 yuan/month6600 yuan in total

Retroactive payment will be distributed together with the living allowance of March.

After the raise of subsidizing standard, CSC Scholarship will NOT provide subsidies as followed separately anymore: for settlement, study materials, medical treatment , for holiday activities, recreational and sports activities , electricity subsidy. The subsidizing already paid does not retake.

For Shanghai Municipal Government, SJTU and Confucius College Scholarship:

Living allowance standard remains the same, if only any further notice on standard adjustment was published.

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