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All International Students

    In order to enrich students ' extracurricular cultural life, deepen students ' understanding towards Chinese culture, promote communication and friendship among students, Shanghai Jiao Tong University International Student Center will organize the summer cultural camp in Xi’an from July 5 (Thursday) to July 9 (Monday). This trip will help students to have a better experience in China through lectures, visits, field research and a series of Chinese culture experiences.  The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:


1.      Time: July 2018 5-10th (Thursday ~ Monday)

2.      Agenda:  Xi ' an culture visit


5-JulTake train to Xi'An
6-Julcamp opening ceremony, learning Han Li, wear Hanfu, visit Xi'an ancient city wall, learn the ancient military facilities knowledge and experience the wear of ancient Chinese dress. 
7-JulVisit Qin terra Cotta Warriors and Qin Shihuang mausoleum, learn Qin weapons. Visit Yongxing Square, taste folk snacks, and learn the old folk crafts. Learn paper Cutting
8-JulVisit Shaanxi History Museum, Da Yan Pagoda and ancient buildings of temples learn to make ancient opera mask, Appreciate the largest fountain in Asia
9-JulCamp Closing Ceremony. Farewell Party. Take train back to Shanghai
10-JulArrived in Shanghai


3.      Registration qualifications: All international students

4.      Participation Fee: Per capita costs 3580 yuan, students at their own expense 2500 yuan/person Scan the Payment QR Code below, the school to bear 1080 yuan/person. Includes transportation, dining and lodging, courses and all attractions ticket fees.

5.      Number of persons: 40 (cannot group if is less than 40 persons)

6.      Website application time: Scan the QR code (Application QR Code) below on 2018 June 26- July 1 in order to register. The quota is limited. Application will be closed when it is full.

7.      Fee payment: After registered successfully, please complete the online payment (Scan the QR code below) within 24 hours, otherwise it will be considered as unintended application. The submitted fee will not refunded after the due date of application (July 1).

8.      Accommodation allocation and catering: If you have confirmed your roommate, please let us know in advance. Otherwise, the accommodation will be arranged randomly by the International Student Center. Additional accommodation costs are required for separate room arrangements. Because this trip for group travel and a large number of activities to provide only vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals (for lunch and dinner, breakfast buffet), can not accept more personalized requirements, please sign up for the students understanding.


NOTE: If full, the International Student Development Centre will arrange according to the actual situation, please make sure to leave an accurate personal contact and follow the relevant notice, if there are alternative arrangements, we will contact you.



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The event is sponsored by the International Student Development Center, and Han Yi Culture Co. is contractor.



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