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 JAN 2020


For the purpose of cultivating qualified International Chinese language teachers and facilitating Chinese language education in other countries, the Confucius Institute Headquarters (CIH) will continue with the International Chinese Language Teachers (Confucius Institute) Scholarship, hereinafter referred to as “the scholarship”. Confucius Institutes, independently operated Confucius Classrooms, certain HSK test centers, Chinese language (education) departments of foreign universities, professional associations for Chinese language instruction of other countries, Chinese embassies (consulates) abroad (hereinafter to be collectively referred to as “recommending institutions”) may recommend outstanding students and currently-employed Chinese language teachers to study International Chinese Language Education or related majors in Chinese universities and colleges (hereinafter referred to as “host institutions”).


Acting as one of the host institutions, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), with its shining history of 124 years, has become a comprehensive, research-oriented, and internationally renowned top university in China. Foreign applicants are welcome to join Chinese language and culture programs at SJTU. Details of the scholarship are provided below.



All applicants shall be

  1. non-Chinese citizens;

  2. in good physical and mental condition, , with good academic performance and conduct;

  3. committed to the teaching and international promotion of the Chinese language;

  4. between the ages of 16 and 35 as of September 1st, 2020. Applicants currently working as Chinese language teachers shall not be over 45, while undergraduate student applicants shall not be over 25.


I.         Scholarship for Master’s Degree in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (MTCSOL)

Commences in September 2020, and provides scholarship for maximum two academic years. Applicants shall be Bachelor degree holders, and have a minimum score of 180 in HSK Test (Level 6) as well as 60 in HSKK test (Advanced Level). Applicants who are able to provide notarized document of the employment agreement or related proofs upon completing study in China are preferred.

  1. II.      Scholarship for Bachelor's Degree in Chinese Language( Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages ) (BTCSOL)

Commences in September 2020, and provides scholarship for maximum four academic years. Applicants should have finished highschool education, and have a minimum score of 180 in HSK Test (Level 5) as well as 60 in HSKK test (Intermediate Level). For list of application materials, see 5.VI of this document.

III.   Scholarship for One-Academic-Year Study (Chinese Language Study)

Commences in September 2020, and provides scholarship for maximum 11 months. International students currently studying in China are not eligible. Applicants shall have a minimum score of 210 in HSK test (Level 3), as well as 60 in HSKK Test (Beginner Level).

IV.    Scholarship for One-Semester Study (Chinese Language and Literature)

Commences in September 2020 or March 2021, and provides scholarship of maximum 5 months. X1 or X2 visa holders are not eligible. Applicants shall have a minimum score of 180 in HSK Test (Level 3), as well as 60 in HSKK (Beginner Level).

V.       Scholarship for Four-Week Study

Commences either in July or December 2020 and provides a four-week scholarship. X1 or X2 visa holders are not eligible.HSK results required. Organized and carried out by SJTU jointly established Confucius Institutes with 10-15 participants per group. Prior to the trip, a detailed study plan shall be made after consultation with SJTU and submitted to Confucius Institute Headquarter for approval.



  1. The Scholarship provides full coverage on tuition fee, accommodation fee, living allowance (four-week study students are excluded) and comprehensive medical insurance expenses. Tuition fee is under the overall planning and utilization of our university to provide teaching and management of scholarship students organizing cultural and social activities, as well as organizing Chinese language proficiency tests (HSK/HSKK). Tuition fee does not cover the textbook expenses and tourist tickets.

  2. For BTCSOL, One Semester and One-Academic Year program, each participant is entitled to accommodation allowance of 1000 CNY per month (inclusive of 700 CNY per month per person sponsored by Hanban), while MTCSOL students enjoy a monthly accommodation allowance of 1200 CNY (inclusive of 700 CNY per month per person sponsored by Hanban). Due to a limited number of dormitory rooms, international students who prefer to live on campus are required to book dormitory online in advance and follow the booking procedures to pay the accommodation fee according to type and standard of the accomodation.

  3. Living allowance is granted by SJTU on a monthly basis. The monthly allowance for BTCSOL students, one-academic-year study students and one-semester students is 2,500 CNY per person. For MTCSOL students, the monthly allowance is 3,000 CNY per person. Enrollment status is based on semesters of SJTU. Students who are enrolled before the 15th (or on the 15th) of the admission month, are entitled to the full allowance of that month. Students who are enrolled after the 15th of that month, are only entitled to half of the allowance. The living allowance for the month of graduation will be granted half a month after the date of graduation or expiration day of the study confirmed by SJTU.During the study period, for any student who is absent from China due to personal reasons for more than 15 days (excluding winter and summer holidays), the allowance during absence will be suspended. For students who suspend study or drop out of school for personal reasons, or who are given disciplinary punishment by SJTU, allowance will be terminated on the date of such suspension, dropping out or when the decision of such punishment is announced.

  4. Comprehensive medical insurance is purchased by SJTU in accordance with relevant regulations of studying in China stipulated by the Ministry of Education of China. Insurance fee per person is 160 CNY for four-week study students, 400 CNY for one-semester students, and 800 CNY per year for students engaged in program longer than one academic year.

  5. The degree scholarship program applicants are subjected to annual academic performance review. Only those who achieve outstanding records in academic and Chinese language proficiency are entitled to a full scholarship for the following year; those who achieve average academic records are entitled to partial scholarships; In any other cases, the scholarship is withheld. Partial scholarships consist of tuition fee, accommodation fee and comprehensive medical insurance. The students in One-Academic-Year Study and One-Semester Study program are required to attend Chinese language proficiency test before graduation. The test fee will be reimbursed by the host institution.


Online registration will be available from March 1, 2020, on the International Chinese Language Teachers (Confucius Institute) Scholarship application website ( Please log on to search for recommending institutions and Shanghai Jiao Tong University; upload application materials online; and track the application progress, comments and results. (Students who apply for MTCSOL should make a second application at Study@SJTU website: together with the Confucius Institute Scholarship Application Form as a proof for the required registration payment).




Applicants who apply to study at SJTU should choose SJTU as their first choice of host institution. And the application deadlines are

  1. April 10, 2020, for programs starting in July 2020;

  2. May 10, 2020, for programs starting in September 2020;

  3. September 10, 2020, for programs starting in December 2020;

  4. November 10, 2020, for programs starting in March 2021;

The Confucius Institute Headquarter will entrust an expert panel to review the applications. Decisions will be made based on HSK and HSKK scores and levels, and in consideration of country distribution as well as other factors. The results will be published about three months before school starts.

  1. Chinese Bridge winners who have been awarded the 2020 Confucius Institute Scholarship Certificate shall log onto the International Chinese Language Teachers (Confucius Institute) Scholarship website to submit documents to SJTU upon presentation of their scholarship certificates.  For inquiry, please contact

  2. Recommending institutions and SJTU shall, pursuant to the Guide, fulfill relevant responsibility, provide consulting, recommendation and enrollment services.

  3. After confirming with the successful applicants, SJTU will send out the Letter of Admission, Visa Application Form for Foreigners to Study in China (JW202 Form), and other relevant documents to the recommending institution or personal address of the applicant within 15 working days. Successful applicants shall print out the online Confucius Scholarship Certificate and present it upon university registration.


  1. A scanned copy of passport photo page. Applicants under the age of 18 must submit a letter of attestation signed by the legal guardian in China;

  2. A scanned copy of score reports of the HSK and HSKK tests (within the two-year validity);

  3. A recommendation letter signed by the head of the recommending institution (with an objective evaluation of applicant and indicating whether or not a Confucius Institute student; Applicantss currently working as Chinese teachers must attach a certificate of employment and a letter of recommendation from the institution of emplyment);

  4. Notarized highest diploma (scheduled graduation proof or official proof of student status, if not in English or Chinese, must submit notarized supporting documents) and an official transcript;

  5. Applicants for MTCSOL are required to provide 2 reference letters from professors or associate professors. Those who can provide a notarized planned employment agreement with teaching institutions are preferred.

  6. Applicants for BTCSOL are required to provide the following documents:

                         i.              Relevant international test scores recognized by SJTU (such as SAT/ACT/IB/GCE A -level or other equivalent certificates of national level high school graduation Exam or college entrance exam and etc.; The following scores are only for your reference.






SAT score ≥ 1300

ACT score ≥ 27

Received IB Certificate. Attended at least   3HL and 3SL courses. Courses that were taken must be related to the major you   wish to apply to. Total points ≥ 35, each course must be ≥ 5

Attended at least 3 A-level courses, must   include Math and two relevant courses related to the major you wish to apply   to. Received grade A for at least two subjects.

Other equivalent certificates that can prove   your academic proficiency (national level high school graduation   Exam or college entrance exam).

                       ii.              Chinese language certificate: HSK level 5 (≥180 scores) or above, or equivalent certificates recognized by SJTU;

                     iii.              English language certificate: TOEFL (iBT) – 80 or above, IELTS- 5.5 or above, or equivalent certificates recognized by SJTU;

                     iv.              Applicants who cannot provide all the certificates listed in term NO. i, ii and iii, should take the entrance test instead, more details could be reached at

Recommending institution must confirm applicants’ full passport name, nationality and address. If the materials are not in Chinese or English, notarized supporting documents must be submitted.


Applicants shall submit additional documents at the request of SJTU.



  1. Incomplete or inadequate applications will not be processed. 

  2. Application shall be terminated if the related materials are found to be fraudulent or filled and submitted by someone other than the applicant.

  3. Students who cannot register in SJTU on the scheduled time should write to the host institution stating the fact and reasons 15 days prior to the admission date. Those who fail to register without a valid cause shall have their scholarship revoked.

  4. Scholarship will be revoked when students fail to register on pre-scheduled date, fail the physical examination for new students, or face schooling suspension or dropping out for personal reasons.

  5. The degree scholarship program students are subject to annual academic performance review. For details, see Annual Academic Performance Review for Confucius Institute Scholarship.


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