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Notice on the Accommodation Reservation for International Students


Dear International Student,
Hello! As some students have already checked out, there are a few available rooms for current students in Minhang campus. And by the policy of SJTU, international students applying for on-campus accommodation are required to book dormitory online. The information in detail is as follows.

1. Reservation
This reservation is only for students who registered on the waiting list before 16:30, Jan. 3rd 2018, at the room B204, New administration building.
(1) Time Period of Reservation: 9:00 am, Jan. 5th to 16:30 pm, Jan. 5th, 2018 (Beijing Time, GMT+8)
(2) Website:
(3) User name: Student ID (On the admission notice)
(4) Password: The last six digits or letters of your passport number (From left to right, for example, if your passport number is AK5123B4, and then your password is 5123B4. If your passport number is less than six digits or letters, then add 0 before the first digit of number until the number is six digits or letters, for example, if your passport number is 1236, and then your password is 001236. If you don’t have passport number, your password is your birth date with format as: YYYYMMDD)
(5) Please refer the Reservation Procedures and help document on the website for the detailed information on the reservation.

2. Payment Introductions
You should finish your payment online to finish your reservation. Some suggestions are listed as follow:
a. You are required to pay the full amount of the accommodation fee before you finish the reservation. The reservation shall NOT be valid unless the fee is paid fully and successfully.
b. The online payment should be completed within 12 hours after confirming the reservation, or the system will cancel your reservation automatically.
c. You are required to bear one or more bank cards with logo such like Union Pay, Master, Visa, JCB, American Express and etc. Moreover, you should ensure the function of online payment of your bank card works and your credit card has the sufficient balance. You are allowed use only one bank card to finish payment.
d. Some extra commission fee will be charged by the bank if you finish payment by the international credit card (Master, Visa, JCB, American Express and etc.). Therefore you are recommended to pay by the Union Pay card to avoid the extra commission fee.
e. You are recommended to use Internet Explorer to make reservation and pay the accommodation fee. You could refresh the webpage or change other web explorer in case of webpage errors.
f. After finishing the payment, please wait patiently until the success webpage pops up. You should click “My Account” to confirm the completed order with a successful payment.
g. If you are not able to finish payment online in your country or region, please contact us by E-mail which you should write your student ID (on the admission notice) clearly before 16:30 pm, Jan. 5th, 2018 (Beijing Time, GMT+8) and we will help you finish payment by the other method, or the system will cancel your reservation automatically.

3. Other important information
(1) You are allowed to move into the dorm up to 3 days prior to the registration date of Spring Semester of 2017-2018, thus after Feb. 22nd, 2018 if you have a successful reservation. You should be responsible for the housing by yourself if you arrive earlier than Feb. 22nd, 2018. The reservation is valid until Mar. 11th, 2018 for the Spring Semester of 2017-2018and will be cancelled automatically in case that you don’t check in after that time. You should submit an application to related department if you are not able to register on time.
(3) You will be arranged into a similar room by ISSC in case of the room you reserved with some special situations.
(4)You are suggested to renew your reservation as early as possible, or you could be NOT allowed to move into the dormitory in the upcoming Winter Vacation or Spring Semester of 2017-2018.
(5) By the policy, the student with successful reservation is not allowed to change to another room except for some special cases. Please take care of religious issue if you would like to choose a double room with a roommate.
(6)According to arrangement of the university, Student Dorm No.8 and No.9 on Minhang campus will be renovated in the Spring semester of 2018. During this period, both two dorm buildings will be closed and won’t be available for students to live in.
(7)You could look up more information about on-campus accommodation on the reservation webpage. The participation of renewal of reservation indicates you are fully aware of and accept this notice and all accommodation regulations and policies of SJTU and you are required to sign a housing contract with SJTU when you check in. If you have any questions, please contact International Student Service Center.

Minhang Campus:, +8621-34203955

                                                                 International Student Service Center, SJTU








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