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Notice on SJTU International Students Union 9th Presidential Election Application


International Students Union (ISU) in SJTU was founded in 2009, and is the largest student organization established by international students of SJTU. It has always been committed to providing a platform for students to exchange and show themselves, and enrich student’s campus life.

As the presidency of the 8th term of International Students Union will be expired, in order to ensure International Students Union can continue its service for the international students, this notice is issued to all international students of Shanghai Jiaotong university about SJTU International Student Union 9th  presidential election application.



Campaign Overview

The 9th Presidium of International Students Union will set 4 presidents in total, including 1 president and 3 vice presidents. Moreover, there will be at least one graduate student (Master/Doctor) in the presidium.



1. Should be an international student of Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

2. Must have an experience of being a part of a registered student organization in SJTU at an executive level.  

3. Should have the ability to communicate in Chinese and English.

4. Should have good skills in organizing various activities along with good academic or study performance.

5. Be a law-abiding student with a respectful character. Must not have or had any administrative punishment.


Application Method

Interested applicants must fill in the application form and submit it to before 12:00a.m, 22nd June, 2018.


The nominee

      The official candidates of 9th ISU presidential election will be determined after rigorous evaluation of all the applicants. (PS: The first interview for applicants is scheduled for July 3rd. Details will be announced later.)

International Students Union



If you are passionate regarding the life of international students of SJTU and if you want to exercise your ability in various aspects, and willing to try on more abundant experiences outside the circle of your study, then we welcome you to apply as the candidate for the upcoming election!

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