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The Hugs thank you for always being there


Yesterday, “Hug Time, Pass On The Love to Someone In Need” event was successfully held at the Earst Roundabout.

Although the temperature had dropped to 0 degrees, we felt the warmth from the hugs of people.Lots of students had never experienced Free Hugs, but the free hugs made them feel warmth and happiness, students were willing to reach out even if their hands and faces were freezing to give out Free Hugs.Everyone felt the warmth from spring in the cold winter air.We also received a lot of comments from students who participated in the activity: A hug definitely warmed me up.First time to experience this Free Hugs activity, made me feel extremely happy.


The atmosphere at the scene was warm, students were active to donate and leave behind messages about how thankful they were of their life. 

Through this activity, we hope hugging isn’t just an action but a heartfelt move to chase away worries, loneliness and cold and detached feelings from strangers. 

We also hope Free Hugs don’t just stop in short hugs but last long enough for everyone to feel the warmth and love from friends and family even strangers, as long as we face it with a thankful heart.

Happy Thanksgiving to all SJTUer! Also, don’t forget our "Stay Love" event next Tuesday at the East Roundabout!




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