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Registration Session Successfully Held for 2021 SJTU International Students

"Wisdom Welcome" to SJTU
From September 9 to 12, 2021, international freshmen from all over the world arrived at Minhang Campus and Xuhui Campus of SJTU successively. Due to the impacts of the COVID-19, some freshmen could not register at the venue, thus, those who are allowed to register online and offline.

Principal Lin Zhongqin, Vice Principal Xu Xuemin, Vice Principal Wang Weiming and administrators from related departments, University Office, Publicity Department of the Party Committee (News Center), Student Affairs Steering Committee, Graduate School, International Affairs Divison, Office of Asset Management and Laboratory, Security Department, Campus Management Office, Logistics Guarantee Center went to the newly built Nanyang Beiyuan, which is an extension of the Minhang campus of SJTU. Its main function is to provide international students with accommodation and living facilities, so that students can study and live in SJTU smoothly and happily. Principal Lin with the other administrator visited the international freshmen and staff, and inspected the Nanyang Beiyuan canteen, and also students’ accommodation and living area.

It did not come as a surprise that venues for registration of this year were less crowded since the new semester will be opened simultaneously by adopting “Smart Check-in”, “Cloud Service”, online and offline methods. With joint efforts and thorough preparations, the administrative departments managed to keep everything under control. The “one-stop” registration services covering passports, visas, accommodations and insurances have brought great convenience to all the international freshmen. In addition, cleaning and disinfection supplies such as masks, gloves and hand washing gel were prepared for students in need. The international students were in high spirits with joyful smiles on their faces. Many of them took pictures with friends and teachers to record one of the most memorable day in their studies at SJTU.

Well-preparation, a Home from Home
Different from the registration from Chinese freshmen, the registration procedures for international freshmen is more complicated, involving the issues of visas, insurances, and the epidemic situation in different countries. In order to ensure that every international freshman can register as required, the administrative departments have made great efforts to work out a viable solution since last semester. All the notifications have been sent to every student at home and abroad through various channels. Online registration procedures have been streamlined for freshmen who cannot come to Shanghai yet. At the same time, related departments cooperates actively. Implementing the "Multi-code Integration" epidemic prevention measures for students who can register offline in campus; for students abroad, try to sort out and simplify the online registration process to help them complete procedures overseas successfully.

In addition, International Student Center has collected all the information that international freshmen need to know and made it into a bilingual (Chinese & English) guidebook for freshmen, a check-in instruction and a list of coordinators’ contact information, in order to help all the international freshmen learn about SJTU as quickly as possible, which could be downloaded from website and WeChat Official Account of Study@SJTU anytime and anywhere. Every freshman could also get a well-designed “Study@SJTU” T-shirt as a souvenir. To ensure that each international student can complete the registration procedures quickly and efficiently, student volunteers were ready to offer help at the registration spots. Students who had to register online can call or send e-mails to the staff of the relevant administrative departments if they have any problems.

A New Semester is Opened Simultaneously Online and Offline
Until September 9, a total of 651 international students have registered for this semester (among them 131 students are in China) , including 378 degree students and 273 non-degree students. They’re from Malaysia, South Korea, the United States, Indonesia, Japan, Canada, Italy, Russian Federation, Australia, Thailand and etc..

One may choose SJTU for its strong academic influences on the international arena, first-class faculty teams, various facilities or internationalized atmosphere. No matter what reason brings you to the university, SJTU is always ready to offer what you need. As long as we stand together, we can defeat any momentary challenges!

International Affairs Division
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
September 12, 2021

Principal Lin Zhongqin, Vice Principal Xu Xuemin, Vice Principal Wang Weiming and administrators from related departments visited Nanyang Beiyuan

Principal Lin Zhongqin, Vice Principal Xu Xuemin, Vice Principal Wang Weiming and administrators from related departments visited Nanyang Beiyuan

Living Area, Nanyang Beiyuan

Lobby, Nanyang Beiyuan

Dormitory, Nanyang Beiyuan

International freshmen are registering in Xuhui campus

International freshmen are registering in Nanyang Beiyuan, Minhang campus

Registration Venue in No.8 & No.9 Building, Minhang campus


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