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Chinese Knotting Class

--2018 International Student Activities Series

    March 24, 2018, a group of international students attended the Chinese Knotting Class as an episode of the China Class of the International Students Activities Series organized by the International Office of ACEM.


    Chinese knot is a typical local art of China, a kind of characteristic folk decorations of handicraft art. Appeared in ancient time, developed in Tang and Song Dynasty and popularized in Ming and Qing Dynasty, Chinese Knot has now become a kind of elegant and colorful arts and crafts with profound meaning.


    At the class, students were tutored two classic knots: Cloverleaf Knot and Dragonfly Knot. All the knots were tied using one piece of thread, yet finished knots looked identical from both the front and back. After learning the basic knotting techniques, students were encouraged to create their own works by combining different knots with other auspicious adornments like coins or beads. Skillfully with the teacher’s guidance, their unique auspicious ornaments which represented beauty, idea and wishes were formed. Moreover, students also learnt the cultural meaning that different types of knots symbolized, such as good-luck and prosperity.


    The China Class served as thriving community for international students at ACEM to learn the wide spectrum of Chinese culture, as well as to make new friends. The upcoming activity will be Traditional Farm Exploring Day on March 31, 2018.




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