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Notice on the Xi Cookies Distribution

for International Students

Dear international students:

  The 120th anniversary of Shanghai Jiao Tong University is coming. To celebrate this special event, we prepared Xi cookies for all the academic degree international students and exchange students! You can pick up the cookies by following way:

For academic degree international students:

    Xi Cookies will be distributed to each class. You can find class monitor to get it during the celebration days (April 5th to April 7th).


For exchange students:

     Pickup Time:    Apr.5 till Apr.7, 2016

     Morning:           9:00-11:30  Afternoon 2:00 - 4:30


        If you live on Xuhui Campus, please pickup the cookies from your school on Xuhui Campus.

        Koguan Law School:                                   Room104, Koguan Law

                                                                            School, Jasmine Rahamn

        Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance:    No.11 Bldg,International

                                                                            Office, Tangzhou

        Chinese Education Center:                          Room 217, Mechanical

                                                                             Bldg, Liu Xiaojing

         Antai CollegeRoom:                                    B301, Teaching Affairs

                                                                             Office,Stephanie Shi

         School of International Public Affairs:         Room 3027, Xinjian Bldg,

                                                                             Peng Jingjing 

     If you live on Minhang Campus, please pick it up at B809, New Admin. Bldg., Minhang Campus, Gao Yi    

   Let’s celebrate the 120th anniversary of Shanghai Jiaotong university together!

                                                                      Student affairs office,SJTU  



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