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Notice on Year 2020 Health Insurance for Current Students

Dear International Students:

Hello! The relevant regulations of the Ministry of Education of People’s Republic of China and the Regulations of Shanghai Jiao Tong University for International Students require international students to purchase comprehensive group insurance in mainland China. Insurance materials are the necessary materials for international students to register for the new semester. By the regulations, the students who are without valid Group Comprehensive Insurance or unable to submit the valid insurance document to university will NOT be allowed to register in a new semester.


The purchase instructions are as follows:

Scholarship students:

For scholarship students already in China, please purchase insurance (800 yuan per year) for one academic year before official registration. The website is After the successful purchase, SJTU will return the insurance premium to your bank account before September 30, 2020;

For scholarship students outside China should purchase after returning to school.


Non scholarship students:

1. For non-scholarship students in China, you must log in before official registration to purchase Group Comprehensive Insurance by yourself.

2. For non-scholarship students outside China:

  • If you are expected to return to school this semester, you are advised to purchase insurance for one academic year (800 yuan per year).


  • If you are not expected to return to school this semester, you can choose to purchase insurance for one academic year, or you can also choose not to purchase insurance temporarily and purchase the insurance by yourself after entering the country.


    Special reminder:

    1. This insurance does not cover medical expenses outside mainland China.

    2. If there is a disconnection period in the insurance, the diseases or accidents occurred in the previous insurance period and during the disconnection period, even if they are treated in the new insurance period, will belong to the past disease and cannot be compensated.


    The detailed information on the purchase of Group Comprehensive Insurance is as follows:

    I. Introduction of the Group Comprehensive Insurance

    1. The name of the Group Comprehensive Insurance: Comprehensive Insurance & Protection Scheme for Foreigners Staying in China of Ping An Annuity Insurance Company, Ltd.

    2. The fees of the Group Comprehensive Insurance: RMB800/a year, RMB400/half year.

    3. Please log on to for more detailed information on the Group Comprehensive Insurance such as the articles, insurance liabilities, insurance claims etc.


    II. Introductions of Purchase

    1. Please log on to to purchase the insurance. The payment can be made via online payment.

    2. You are required to download and print the insurance purchase details including the insurance receipt and other insurance information to submit on the registration day.

    3. If your insurance record is not found in the system when you login or you fail to complete the purchase before the registration, you may purchase the insurance on the registration day in the International Student Service Center (See location and contacts in Part III). It could take more time on the registration.


    III. Contacts

    For more detailed information of the insurance, please visit the website or call 24-hour customer service hotline 400-810-5119 (press 1). You could also contact International Student Service Center, SJTU to consult with more issues of insurance purchase. (The office hour during holiday is subject to further notice)

    Xuhui Campus:, 021-62933305 (8:30am-5:00pm, Mon.- Fri.)

    Minhang Campus:, 021-34203955 (8:30am-5:00pm, Mon.- Fri.)


    IV. Insurance Claim

    Please dial 4008105119-1 (24-hour, bilingual) as soon as possible in case of any health problems and emergencies to consult issues regarding with the medical treatment, advance payment for hospitalization, insurance claim and so on. You could also visit to download the relevant documents.


    V. Insurance Fees

       Visit the website, click on the icon (Package 800 for International students)


    VI. Purchase Procedures

    1.Visit the website, click on the icon (Student check payment) and log in with “Passport Number” (Capitalize letters and delete non-characters, no space).

    2. Select and verify your information.

    3. Select preferred insured duration and fees: one year, RMB800. (Half year is only for the non-degree students with study period less than 6 months)

    4. Follow the online instructions and complete the payment.

    Please be aware that:

    1. To complete the payment, you should have at least one of those bank cards with such signs as UnionPay, Master, Visa, JCB, or American Express and make sure that the bank card can be used for online payment.

    2. If you use international credit cards to complete the payment, additional fees will be charged by the banks as commission fee. Therefore, we suggest you pay the insurance fees by the bank cards with the sign of “UnionPay” to avoid the additional fees charged by the banks.

    3. You are suggested to use Internet Explorer (IE) for the online payment. In case of webpage errors, it is advised to refresh the page or try another browser.

    4. The insurance program becomes valid in two weeks after the successful payment and then you can log in the system and check the serial number of your insurance program contract.


    International Student Center, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

    International Student Service Center, Shanghai Jiao Tong University



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