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Notice of Tuition Payment 2020-2021

Dear students:

Please pay the tuition fee of 2020-2021 online. The online payment process is notified as follows:

1、         Time: July 6, 2020——September 5, 2020

2、         Tuition standard:

(1)              Undergraduate Program: RMB 24800.00 per year;

(2)              Masters Program: RMB 28900.00 per year;RMB14450.00 per semester;

(3)              Doctorate Program: RMB 45500.00 per year;

(4)              Undergraduates Program in English: RMB 80000.00 per year;

(5)              Undergraduates Program in French: RMB 45000.00 per year;

(6)              For international students admitted in the special graduate programs ( Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance, Antai College of Economics & Management, USC-SJTU Institute of Cultural and Creative Industry, China-UK Low Carbon College, School of Mathematical Sciences, Koguan Law School, School of International and Public Affairs,School of Design) with Type B/C/D Scholarships, the scholarship will only cover the standard tuition (28,900 RMB/Year for master programs and 45,500 RMB/Year for doctoral programs), and students will pay for the rest of the tuition fees. The payment standard is based on the standard of the student's enrollment year. 

  Special Graduate Programs and Tuition






Antai College of Economics & Management

Master of International Business Program



Tel: +86-21-52301031


Master of Finance



Tel: +86-21-52301031


Master of Professional Accounting



Master of Auditing



USC-SJTU Institute of Cultural and Creative Industry

Journalism and CommunicationCultural and Creative Industry Management

The annual tuition at SJTU is CNY 108,000; Tuition and fees payable to USC will be due by dates set by and subject to the policy of USC.


School of Mathematical Sciences

Applied Statistics

75,000 RMB/Year


Koguan Law School

LL.M. Program in Chinese Law


RMB/2 Years

Tel:+86-21-62934433 +86-21-62934761

School of International and Public Affairs

Political Science (China’s Politics and Economy)

50,000 RMB/Year

Tel: +86-21-62933095

Public Management (China’s Public Policy)

50,000 RMB/Year

China-UK Low Carbon College

Environmental Engineering Program(Low Carbon Environment)


RMB In total

Power Engineering Program(Low Carbon Energy)


RMB In total

School of Design

International Industrial Design Engineering(IIDE)


RMB In total



     3Online payment website:

4User name: student ID   Password: the last 6 digits of passport number

(from left to right, e.g., passport number is AK512364password is 512364)

    5Service fee charge:

    1) Bank cards issued by China domestic bank with UnionPay logo: no service fee;

    2) Bank cards issued by Overseas bank with UnionPay logo: 2.5% service fee;

    3) Visa/Master cards: 1.8% service fee;

    4) JCB, AE and Dinners Club cards: 2.8% service fee.



(1) Students who don’t pay tuition fee on time are not allowed to register. For those who don’t pay on timeplease apply delayed registration. Students status will be canceled for those who fail to register within 2 weeks from the registration date.

(2)   If there is any problem with”online payment”, please send email to

(3)   There is no on-site payment window on the registration day.

(4)   You could get the e-invoice one week after the completion of online payment. Please log in to the website to download the e-invoice. (User name: student ID   Password: full passport digits).


 International Student Center

                                          July 6th, 2020



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