Undergraduate Program of Medicine

    Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine (former Shanghai Second Medical University) is one of the key universities that enroll overseas students in China. It admits not only scholarship students recommended by the China Scholarship Council, but also non-scholarship for undergraduates, postgraduates, Ph.D., advanced studies.

    With 60 years of rapid development, the school has become a state-of-the-art medical school consisting of almost all disciplines, a strong faculty, remarkable academic achievements, and comprehensively developed clinical teaching and research facilities. Situated in the center of city, (on Chongqing Nan Road) near the famous commercial street Huai Hai Road, the school encompasses 360,157.09 m2 of the land.

    The whole school system includes 15 colleges such as Basic Medical College and Clinical Medical College, 7 affiliated general hospitals and 15 teaching hospitals. There are 2 seven-year programs (master degrees), 9 undergraduate programs. There are 56 postgraduate specialties, 52 doctoral specialties and 4 post-doctoral research positions. There are 332 supervisors for doctoral students, 732 supervisors for postgraduate students. Since its establishment, the school has produced 27,000 graduates. It has formed a complete educational system for postgraduate studies, undergraduate programs, adults and continuing education and foreign student education.

    The school began to admit foreign students in 1967 and established inter-collegiate relations with 61 schools from 19 countries in the world. It trained the students to become talented medical personal and promoted the development of school in all aspects. The International Students Office (Foreign Students Office) is under the leadership of the school authorities responsible for admission and administration for international students.



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