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Buddy Program Exchange Meeting: The First Song in Spring


    On the afternoon of March 11th, in order to make the foreign students find the cordial sence of home in the campus and increase the communication between Chinese and foreign students, the buddy program hosted by SIEC of Shanghai Jiao Tong University was held in Guangming stadium, and students from all over the world participated in this activity.



    Before the activity began, the students arrived early to sign in. Chinese students and foreign students made up a team, having fun in the sports meeting. The activities include passing bubble ball, stepping the balloons, clipper run and riding caterpillar. Chinese and foreign students were arm in arm in the activity. Although some of them can't communicate with each other , it can't break the good agreement between them. From different countries, speaking different languages, but with the same smile the students have experienced the game time of the happy afternoon.

After the game, SIEC provided students with fruit and drinks. Before the sunset, students enjoyed the food and talked happily. The strangeness has vanished into thin air.



    On that short afternoon, with laughter constantly, the students found their favorite buddy and put their name on the matching card. Through this activity, the students who participated in the activity had an intersection with each other. They added WeChat to each other, and looked forward to the next meeting. In the sound of laughter, the first big event of the semester came to an end, and the Buddy Program has just started.



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