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‘Jasmine Dance’ from SMSE has made a wonderful show

The grass sprout out of the earth, the spring is coming. Shanghai Jiao Tong University celebrated her 121st birthday. On April 8th, the school of materials Science and Engineering not only received its alumni who came to visit their home, but also showed an international students dance group. This group had their first show on shanghai Jiao Tong university’s day, and added special scenery for the celebration.

With the concern and support of leaders at all levels from the school of materials, Jasmine Dance group was founded. Its members are international students from the school of materials. They are from Russia, South Korea, Venezuela, Pakistan, Iran, the United States and etc. These master and PhD students who usually focus on their scientific research gathered together, because of the same interest. On the shanghai Jiao Tong university’s day, they showed a Chinese classical dance to express their alma mater and love of the college and the school of materials.

It is known that this is the first time that the international students of SJTU showed Chinese classical dance on the university’s stage. All the members practised dancing so hardly, just to show others the enthusiasm and elegant appearance of international students from SMSE in the opening show. In the afternoon of April 8, when all the international students came close to the stage near Siyuan lake with Chinese clothes of Han Dynasty, they attracted many people's attention immediately. Members finished the show 《Miss you》 successfully. The audiences all picked up their phone to take wonderful pictures of them and gave a burst of applause and cheers to them. The first show of the international students was a complete success.

This Performance got a lot of attentions and guidance from the college leadership. Min Wang, who is in charge of the school of graduate and international affairs pointed out that the international students of our department are most from the countries along ‘One Belt and One Road’ Area. We should develop more excellent art projects for them, in order to build more symphysic and tolerant international cultural atmosphere in SMSE, and to promote cultural exchanges and civilization, so that we can promote the implementation of the strategy of ‘One Belt And One Road’ and promote the process of internationalization of SMSE.

Yibin Xu, the deputy secretary, who is in charge of the students affairs in SMSE said that cultural inheritance innovation is the important functions of university. Spreading the Chinese traditional art actively is an effective way of international students work. Our school will carry out multi-level and pluralistic international students cultural activities in accordance with the requirements of the students affairs, so as to promote intercultural communication of international students in our school.

The performance not only enriches the campus life of international  students and let them have a further contact with Chinese culture, but also makes members consider it as a good chance to show their own countries to all from Jiao Tong University. They feel very excited and proud. The collision of international culture and Chinese traditional culture has bloomed splendid sparks for Jiao Tong University’s 121st birthday!



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