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December 20, 2016, about 50 international students joined the Christmas Party organized by the International Office of ACEM, having a great jingle & mingle time.

Students followed the dress code wearing something red, and were surprised upon their arrival: hearty food, adorable Christmas headwear, glittering Christmas tree accompanied by the national flags of their home countries, and a Santa greeting delightfully! 

The party was planned and co-hosted by international students Itzel Ng, Patthida Leeprasert, Matshik Isabelle Mbako, Deleena Johnson and Zineb Roudani, featuring both Chinese flavor and festival traditions. In the Xiao Long Bao-making program, students were grouped to learn how to make Xiao Long Bao under the instruction of the chefs. Many students managed to make their own lovely Xiao Long Bao despite being the first time at trying. While tucking in pizzas, desserts, drinks and self-made Xiao Long Bao, students celebrated the holiday by singing Christmas carols together, turning the party room into a seasonal wonderland. The excitement peaked at the lucky draw part. Cheers burst out when the final prize announced. The winners was congratulated by her gleeful friends.

Finally all the students took group photos beside the Christmas tree, marking this beautiful evening a sweet ending. Students told good-byes and wished merry Christmas to the beloved friends they made in ACEM: After the festival break, see you all again!


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