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Nov. 25, 2016, 40 international students attended the Career Development Workshop hosted by the International Office of Antai College of Economics and Management (ACEM), learning the practical information on how to get on job search and maximize internship experience, and the first-hand experience on how to start up one's own business in China.


Two speakers were invited to the workshop. Ms. Cindy Zhou, HR Director and Communication Executive Director, Mainland China, Great China and the Asian Pacific region, of Oriental DreamWorks gave an overview on recruitment and current situation for foreign graduates joining international/local companies.


Mr. David Wang, co-founder and COO of Yihu Investment Management Co., Ltd, co-founder of an incubator named Danker, former senior manager from a Top 500 company and young entrepreneur to share his working experience in International Corporation in China and his own startup story.


Heated discussion continued after the talks. Students seized the opportunity to make the most out of the professional advices.

The International Office of ACEM organizes a spectrum of activities to help international students establish a better understanding in China’s business reality and maintain their advantages in China’s job market. Other activities include career consultancy, company visit, internship remark service, and internship and job fair on a regular basis.



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