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On September 7 and 8, SJTU opened its warm arms to welcome international freshmen from all over the world. With many national flags presented at the orientation site, every new student felt it as at home here in both Xuhui and Minhang campus. A number of our freshmen took photos in front of the photo wall and left their names on the signature wall. Their vitality fill SJTU with great energy despite the bad weather.

SJTU leaders take photos with international students at registration site in Xuhui Campus

Registration Site in Minhang Campus


Reasons for Choosing SJTU

A great number of students come to SJTU for its prestigious academic achievements, influential teaching faculty and fist-class campus facilities. A French freshman told us that he chose SJTU because it’s an internationally acclaimed school. A master from Korea said with his Japanese classmate that their supervisors at home strongly recommended choosing SJTU. And they wish to purse knowledge and improve themselves in SJTU.

As a city full of charm and vigor, Shanghai has won huge popularity among international students. A new student from Germany told us in Shanghai dialect that she is fond of math as well as Shanghai, and that’s why she is here.

High-tech Initiative -- Application of Face Recognition Technology

No more need to fuss about your admission documents and oversized luggage. High-tech initiative saves our international students from all those troubles. Registration can be conducted via newly-developed facial recognition technology. All you have to do is to stand in front of the certain face acquisition device. The system will quickly capture your real-time image collected on the scene. With the database, the system can accurately identify your identity in a short time. The digital orientation platform is seamlessly connected with the face recognition system, which is the first to realize intelligence operation in the on-spot registration process, and optimizes the procedures such as verifying documents and finding information, thus greatly saves time and improves the registration efficiency.

In front of the high-tech device stands our freshmen


Big Gift Package from SJTU

After registration, freshmen will be given a gift package with campus maps, some stationery and a designed red T-shirt printed with SJTU symbols. In addition to that, SJTU International Students Development Center thoughtfully prepares bilingual (Chinese and English) brochures for freshmen as a kind of entrance education. On the orientation site, many warm-hearted volunteers stay ready to help international freshmen to embark on a new journey here in SJTU.

Students from different countries are ready to start their new semester.



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