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SIPA Student: 1st Foreigner to Obtain Residence Permit after Graduation


SIPA student Philipp Juli, with the Chinese name Fang Xiaoyang, becomes the first foreigner in China that obtains residence permit directly after graduation, and also one of the three foreign talents applicable to the three new scientific innovation policies in China.

Mr. Fang comes from Germany, and he came to pursue his Master’s degree at SIPA in September, 2014, with Professor Lin Gang as supervisor. Under Prof. Lin’s systematic guidance, Fang completed his postgraduate studies successfully, and was awarded a Master’s degree in Political Science in March, 2018.

Due to his proficient Chinese and in-depth understanding of China’s politics, economy and culture, Fang is known to SIPA teachers and students as a China-hand, which means someone that knows China well. Before coming to China, he studied the Chinese language and culture at the Confucius Institute in Germany. During his studies at SIPA, Fang actively engaged in extracurricular activities. He was once invited by the media to host a TV show.





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