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Notice on 2018 Annual Scholarship Review of International Graduate Students


According to the policies and regulations of China Scholarship Council (CSC), Shanghai Municipal Government, and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, annual scholarship review for the year of 2018 will be carried out. The arrangements are detailed below.


1.     Participants

All international graduate students in SJTU holding a scholarships (including Chinese Government Scholarship, Shanghai Government Scholarship, Scholarship of Confucius, University Scholarships) shall participate in the annual scholarship review, except those who are scheduled to graduate in June 2018.

Please note that if one fails to submit the application before the due date, a conclusion of “suspension” will be applied to his/her scholarship review by default.


2.     Online Procedures

1)     For students: Students shall login “my SJTU” ( with the jaccount before 17:00 April 8th, 2018. Please click “Service Hall --> Postgraduates”, select the “Annual Scholarship Review of International Graduate Students (国际研究生奖学金年度评审)”, fill in the form and then submit the application.

2)     For supervisors: All supervisors are obliged to finish the “Supervisor Review” before 17:00 April 13th, 2018. Please login “my SJTU” ( with the jaccount, select the “To-Do Tasks”, evaluate students’ performance according to relevant requirements and then submit the application.

3)     For college/school/department: The Graduate Affairs Office of each School/Department is obliged to organize an expert review meeting and finish the “School Preview” and “School Review” before 20th April, 2018. The “School Review” should be based on the expert review. Please login “my SJTU” ( with the jaccount, select the “To-Do Tasks”, fill in the form and then submit the application.

4)     For Graduate School: The graduate school will organize a university level review before May 2nd, 2018 to confirm the annual scholarship review result for each applicant.


3.     Evaluation Results

1)     The Annual Scholarship Review results will be announced on the websites of the SJTU graduate school and that of Study@SJTU before May 2nd, 2018.

2)     Any scholarship upgrading/downgrading will take effect from September 2018.

3)     Any scholarship suspension or cancellation will take effect from June 2018.



Guidelines on the Online Application for Annual Scholarship Review for International Graduate Students- for schools.pdf



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March 23, 2018



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